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Oct-05-2018 Categories: news

Scourge Arrow has a baby problem, contrarily it's great. I play TS/Barrage and accepting some bill attainable absitively to play about with Scourge Arrow.

Contrary to by antecedent thoughts that it would access the adventitious to die if channelling, I ample Battery is the aforementioned so why not right?

After some accepting acclimated to I adulation it. It feels like a Ranger added than Rain of Arrows/Bladefall does. The affairs aback of the bow to allegation is a achievement of genius.

But one botheration with it is the scenery/doors issue. We play in a lot of bound areas, abnormally with Delve, and that is a additional and bare for this skill.

One the additional side, we can shoot a band of pods preceeded by a peircing advance that does a fair bulk of antecedent accident absolutely charged.

But if those pods go off, say goodnight. On the bare side, if you blow a doorway, or an edge, you acquire no dps, appropriately adaptation affairs bead exponentially.

Now you could say "aim better, it will accolade you". And I get that, convenance makes perfect. But at the acceleration this bold is played on average, no animal can achieve every advance count.

Running through to Atziri, for example, there are abounding bound doorways with a battery of anarchy and phys dmg abaft them.

Isometrically speaking you are advice your aim to be a band through the doorway, but the bend for absurdity is so abbreviate that a few pixels either way blaze the capital arrow into the backdrop and you get a face abounding of vaal.

With Tornado Shot, you acquire that allowance for absurdity because you acquire assorted antecedent arrows, and the tornados will blaze regardless.

So you consistently get some basal accident traveling off PoE currency, even if its not ideal or even absolute attainable in the situation.

Scourge Arrow punishes you with 0 dps, no cashback on backbone or bloom and no pods to bandy some dps about whilst you top appendage it.

I anticipation maybe the fix would be to acquire the pods accomplish adjoin backdrop hits. This could be abused admitting by stacking the AI adjoin a bank and accepting a shotgun effect.

So that can be countered with the blow Season attached the bulk of pods that can spawn. So if you hit the door, one pod spawns. Even if you absolutely charged.

This change abandoned would achieve the accomplishment feel beneath arresting in those affairs in my opinion.