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​POE - Lore-Speculation about 3.9

news Nov-16-2019

​POE - Lore-Speculation about 3.9

This column will be a belief approach that I just came up with about 3.9's expansion: Conqueror's of the Atlas. I HIGHLY acclaim watching the bivouac if you haven't. This will aswell advertence some advice that Chris mentioned during the 3.9 Deep Dive from earlier. The blow of this is a archetype paste, as I aggregate this beforehand on animosity with others.

Basically, in 3.9 we are seeing a accumulation of 5 Exiles that formed with Zana to defeat and banish the Elder. About they kept cutting in the Atlas, kept accusation for added adeptness and added ascendancy over it. And eventually Zana saw that they acquired the adeptness to "Shape" the Atlas, but were aswell besmirched by the Void of it. So she trapped them in the Atlas. But now they are abiding and we assume to charge to plan with Zana to annihilate them. That's the core-baseline of the update.

What makes this absorbing to me is 2 things:

1st: A cogent blush apology amid what seems to be the "Leader" of the 5 Conqueror's and the Vaal. And 2nd: A way this is apery the Shaper's coast into Madness that was acquired by the Elder, or added accurately the Elder's accurate adept Decay.

The 1st is kinda accessible and I'll glance over it briefly. Basically if you attending the bivouac there are 2 scenes breadth we see this red electric mist. Near the average if the exiles breach free, and at the end breadth we see one of them sitting on a red throne. That electricity HEAVILY reminds me of what we see during the Delve Vaal Boss, as able-bodied as Atziri. It's not a absolute 1-for-1, but it's abutting abundant so that I anticipate it's account apperception that there adeptness be a connection.

The 2nd is FAR added interesting. Basically as far as I can acquaint through Belief the Shaper was besmirched by the Elder which led him to the accompaniment we see in bold if we go action him. This is QUITE agnate to how the "Void" in the Atlas has besmirched the 5 Conqueror's, and that Chris mentioned that there is 1 baton and 4 others. About this is aswell complex with a afar end in PoE's storyline: Decay, the Elder's accurate master. As far as I'm acquainted the Elder is a concrete appearance of Decay, PoE currency and if we banish it afterwards Uber Elder we force it out of our absoluteness and into this added one that exists aloft our sight. We about see this alleged a "Void amid realms" in game. It's acceptable as far as I can acquaint that it's in that Void that Decay has taken complete control, as it seems to be breadth the Elder comes from. But now, in Conqueror's of the Atlas we accurately accept had Chris acknowledgment that those 5 exiles were besmirched by the "Void" that resides aural the Atlas. Zana aswell says "We were able to defeat the Elder, but it wasn't enough." That band by itself IMO implies that while the Elder has been banished, Decay has still afflicted the Atlas and the creatures aural it.

So my approach is simple: Decay, Void, whatever it is is still out there and is still allurement the creatures of the Atlas, and that bribery adeptness still be aperture in Wraeclast or Oriath. Wonder what anybody else's thoughts on this.