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Jun-13-2019 Categories: news

I was tempted to post this before the patch released but decided to hold my tongue and actually play it first. Now that I have, I can confirm, this is an issue.

I'm all for the rare monster life buffs in the rest of the game, but incursion feels really rough now with the rare monster life buffs. Incursions on certain builds already felt really rough to clear, PoE currency and its especially bad when a rare monster has the stone of passage. Going into reds, this problem has become even worse and more apparent.

Either incursion needs to have the life buff reverted specifically for incursion, or the timer bonuses need to go up.

EDIT: Also, if the life in incursions is going to be higher, please don't allow ghosts to spawn in there... Martyr is hella scary to get in there now.

As a related note: Delve is sort of similar, but a lot more acceptable in comparison. I'm only in level 76 delves and still having problems with rares. When you got deep in delve, most of the issue was already that rares wouldn't die -- at least the rares of the monsters types specific to delve.

The mobs from the base game (like bears) had so much less life than the mobs from delves -- for example, a rare spider taking 3 times as much damage to kill than a rare bear at the same depth with the same mods. At the very least though, the clear speed side of things isn't that much of an issue as it is with incursion -- but I don't think delve monsters needed the rare monster life buffs either.

Basically: The base game needed the monster life buffs. Incursion (and Delve to a lesser extent) did not, and the buffs make Incursion feel really bad.

If they want incursions to be done on lower-level content, that's probably fine. But in harder maps (where you're pushing content), Incursion rares are generally multiple times tougher than rares in the map you just came from, and tougher than the Architects, who are supposed to be the bosses of the Incursions (and previously were, but are now much weaker than a tough rare).

So my point is: either maps or incursions are likely the intended level of difficulty for rares. If it's maps, Incursion rares are way too tanky. If they want to balance to the current level of Incursion rares, map rares are too squishY (which I don't think is the case anymore, they feel pretty good). Otherwise, the solution is to ignore Incursion at the level of content you're clearing, and only do it on content well below your current level (assuming you need to clear the rares). In reality, most of the time it doesn't matter; you just ignore rares in Incursions. But when they have that Stone of Passage, you don't have another option, and it can completely fuck your temple despite having DPS that was demolishing the map you found the Incursion in.

Personally, I think it feels like shit to have rares that out of line with the content you came from and are capable of, but that's really GGG's decision to make. I also don't really like that they're not particularly more dangerous offensively, just fuckin' meatsacks that eat your time. Again, it's not a huge deal - skipping rares is the new normal at some points in your character's development - but it would be nice if it wasn't so totally out of line.