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Sep-09-2018 Categories: news

Fist of all, I'm abhorrent at this game... but I adulation it so much. I don't in actuality wish to get to area I'm accomplishing acceleration runs seeing how fast I can acreage Uber. But I'd in actuality like to get aback to accomplishing map agreeable which I havent been able to ability aback aback if there was 3 difficulties.

So actuality I am, aback afresh searching for some admonition on accepting better. I've been arena aback 2012 and just bankrupt a claimed almanac if I started SSF HC Delve this weekend and hit 71 (I accept 80's in SC but I don't calculation that because they were from abundant beforehand in the bold development). I was accomplishing the Arc totem templar, things were air-conditioned bland and I in actuality enjoyed it. Every bang-up took abnormal to annihilate and the abandoned one I skipped was the scorpion one in Act 9 (I think) because I bethink that one accepting in actuality hard.

Then I hit Kitava in Act 10. It was traveling in actuality good, afresh aural abnormal Kitava was at bisected health. Afresh it did the arm sweep+fire affair and my bloom abandoned so fast that there was no accretion option. So I was akin 71, capped all res at 75% (except chaos), ~2300hp, ~700mp (after aura) with MoM, 230 ES, 4 totems with up to about 10k dps anniversary if things got going. So, we're not talking 1.2m Uber accident (which I've abandoned dreamed of), but I anticipate it's a fair bulk for that point in the bold because how fast it beef rolls everything.

So, befitting in apperception that this is SSF and how abhorrent I am, I'm traveling to hotlink my PoE Profile so that if anyone is absorbed they can attending it over and acquaint me area I can advance and/or what looks okay. I'd like to stick to accomplishing accession totem physique of some affectionate if I reroll today or tomorrow aback it's the atomic complicated physique I've approved so far and I adore it.

I'd been cerebration about traveling aback to barter HC for the draft of Delve but I'm ambivalent still. I like SSF because I accept that activity that aggregate I accept is something that I fabricated or earned. I've aswell anticipation about accolade a brotherhood or association to accompany aback I've played abandoned aback I started and it gets a bit addled in that account sometimes.

I accept though, every RIP including my a lot of contempo one was due to carelessness or accepting conceited with how fast I alive through content. My endure RIP I was just canoeing about killing like a madman, opened a chest afterwards ID'ing it aboriginal because "Phh it's abandoned blue, that couldn't do any harm" and it had "detonates adjacent corpses"... I happened to be continuing on a ample accumulation of corpses. RIP.

Regarding SSF and the activity of earning or authoritative items: Just complete yourself in the barter league. What I did in Incursion, aback I had no accumulation to play with, was acquiesce myself to advertise items, barter currencies around, and buy maps. With the changes to Zana you may be able to complete the maps as able-bodied depending on your preferences. What I begin arresting about SSF was accepting things I would never use or had multiples of poe currency cheap, not accepting coins to ability with, and the album achievement struggle. Accepting these limitations and arena the barter alliance gave me added abandon to in actuality ability items, get the maps I bare and still feel like SSF but with some added QoL tailored to what I capital out of it.

Edit: If you accept bad luck with trials you can aswell use the association to arch that gap, aback you could go hundreds of maps while cat-and-mouse for the endure trial. Or if you accept a physique that needs the advantage credibility but is an complete accident in the Lab afresh this helps abolish an contrarily annoying brake on your character.