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Nov-09-2018 Categories: news

I charge advice compassionate some of the mechanics of this game. Aboriginal of all I would like to say, this is my aboriginal ARPG I've played shooters my accomplished activity and accept consistently been a animate player.

More than a year ago I congenital a PC because I activate this bold on my laptop alleged DOTA 2 and got in actuality into it. I've put about 1500 hrs into it.

There are not abundant things DOTA 2 has agnate to POE besides some controls. I've been searching at the cilia for new players but there are still some questions I have. I achievement some of you nice humans can advice me out PoE currency.

1, The aboriginal affair I wondered was, is it appropriate to advertise items I see on the floor? Sometimes I annihilate a bang-up and it alone like 20 items, are they annual selling?

2, I accept noticed that accessory accept sockets. I accept a backbone appearance so does that beggarly I should accept as abounding backbone gems on them as possible?

3, I afresh watched a YT video on gems. There was a baby allotment on the video that talked about abutment gems and accepting able to hotlink to advance gems I believe. How does this work? Do they charge to be in the aforementioned item?

4, Should I be active threw quests or should I focus on killing aggregate I see to akin up?

5, I watched a video on the accomplishment timberline and how it works. There seems to be a breadth for every affectionate of character. Faculty I am a backbone hero, should I put alone point in abilities that accord me strength? Or does intelligence and adeptness have there positives too?

6, Is there a way to play with added people? Like a address mode? Don't get me amiss arena abandoned is in actuality fun, but sometimes I feel like arena with added people.

Think that's all the questions I accept for now. Any advice would be appreciated. You can acknowledgment any questions, don't feel like you charge to acknowledgment all. Thanks everyone!