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Jul-09-2018 Categories: news

Hello everyone, just able my 500/500 afflicted maps claiming and capital to allotment how I able this accurate task.

I accept been agriculture T8 Shaped Burial Chambers for the endure anniversary or so, managed to get appealing advantageous with a few ancient spawns, and pushed it down to my Burial Chambers to see if I could advance an Ancient Square on it permanently. This involves accepting your ancient to spawn abreast or move appear Burial Chambers, which if you do not apperceive how to do, requires allowance Shaper afflicted maps adjoining to your Ancient afflicted maps. There are a lot of guides on this, so I will not cover that here.

Basically, you wish to advance your access such that it appears absolute agnate to the angel posted.

Once you are at this point, you artlessly charge to advance the influence, which bureau accent Ancient access if it grows too large, and commutual specific Shaper afflicted maps if the Shaper about takes a map you do not wish him to occupy.

Maps to accumulate in stock:

- Decay Pool

- Ashen Wood

- Cemetery

- Mausoleum

- Barrows

- Relic Chambers

- Chateau

- Springs

- Marshes

And obviously....

- Burial Chambers

The acrylic angel is adequately straightforward, but for those who adore text, this is what you do to advance the influence:

- Seal any important prophecies that you accept been extenuative for Burial Chambers afore you advance access on added maps.

- Trim Ancient access whenever he occupies too abounding maps. This usually takes abode on Decay Pool, Dunes, and either Ashen Wood or Mausoleum. You do not wish to acquiesce the Ancient to spawn, so trim afore you hit ~16-18 maps.

- If Shaper about takes an adjoining map (ie: Chateau, Springs, Cemetery etc), you should bright this anon unless you accept sextants that would be ashen by allowance the map.

- Shaper can yield Barrows and this is OK, but not optimal. Bright Shaper from Barrows if you want, but it is not 100% necessary.

- DO NOT trim access on any T8 or T9 maps. This should be in fact accidental and requires you to re-seal the map afterwards with an big-ticket Cartographer's Seal. This is able in my bureaucracy by abstraction Decay Pool to T14. You can run either T9 or T14 to trim the access at this point. I accede this optimal for simple Ancient accent aback Decay Pool is such an important axis point on the atlas.

There is a bit added dash than what I accept declared above, but it is about this complicated. There are sometimes instances breadth you run a Burial Chambers and are larboard with no access on the map at all but Ancient and Shaper on Relic Chambers and Marshes. In this scenario, you advance maps that are about the edges of your access in adjustment to allurement Ancient or Shaper into poe currency buy demography Burial Chambers again.

Thanks for demography the time to look, enjoy!