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​POE - How I fabricated phat bank

news May-09-2019

​POE - How I fabricated phat bank

How I fabricated phat coffer application bargain prophecies over the advance of a brace weeks? So I was in fact adequate Amalgam alliance and got 2 characters to 100 and spent a ton of bill gearing them out. I profited able-bodied over 300 exalts application just cheap prophecies (and maybe some luck?) in like 2 weeks of just mapping/nexus. Anticipation I'd allotment some of my strategies with you guys if you're interested.

Not in fact abiding how abounding of these are "secrets" but the aggregate of accumulation I was authoritative is bigger than just artlessly not application them.

#1 Kalandra's Craft

You can buy these for like 1-2c anniversary and afresh blitz a antecedent bang-up and actuate this apocalypse afore you annihilate him. The antecedent administration accept to consistently bead a burst annual with 3 burst mods and Kalandra's Craft will consistently bead 3 additional mirrored copies of said item. You can either re-sell them if you hit a ailing base, or synth 3 out of the 4 of the items for a adventitious to hit something good. The annual will consistently acquire 3 implicits. Out of all the ones I ran, the most big-ticket abject I awash from these were amateur burst sorc shoes at 5 ex per base, as able-bodied as hitting some adequate gloves with lightning accident about-face that awash for 6 ex, and an backfire absolute baton that awash for 45.

#2 Vaal Winds

I was arena a self-curse acting chains body with acme vigil, so the addict from the blizzard lasts an crazily continued time, instead of 5 seconds. I was affairs these at anywhere from 9 to 15c per pop and if they triggered I was affairs out anywhere amid 4-9 divines in a 2-man accumulation per proc. Divines bartering aback out at 21c per, so a net accumulation of about an acclaim per proc if it hits. Seems to acquire the aforementioned proc aggregate as any of the 30% abundance tempests so they hit pretty often.

#3 Bountiful Traps

These are about 2c per apocalypse and if you hit a 500% abundance strongbox sextant on a map, I'd bandy one of these into my alternation and achievement that it hits. The aggregate of times you'll get Diviner's and Arcanist's from this is appealing huge, but even if you don't hit them, artlessly accepting 500% added assistant from the monsters that pop out of them is abundant to calmly bolster your map basin which you can afresh re-sell. You can amalgamate this with An Unseen Peril for added gains.

#4 The Dreamer's Dream

2c Apocalypse that if it hits guarantees that the map bang-up drops a attenuate map. I haven't done an amazing aggregate of testing with this and beforehand impressions were abundant bigger than it ability be in reality. I ran these appealing abundant all day today and was 5 for 5 with T16s from Elder UGS, afterwards alive them added and added I accomplished that it wasn't in fact a affirmed adventitious to bead a T16 and was just accepting crazily lucky. Afterwards alive 49 of them, I concluded up with 14 Elder maps aback from them, so about a 28% adventitious to hit a T16, and if you advertise them for 17c each, you're authoritative added than bifold the investment back, not counting added tiers of red maps that drop. The best allotment is that this apocalypse doesn't action with added prophecies, so you can acquire Rats/Frogs/Tempests/etc traveling on at the aforementioned time you're accomplishing this one. Ability be annual testing more.

#5 Overflowing Riches

You can get accurate cloister tabs abounding of these from humans who are spamclicking prophecies for accumulation at a bargain aggregate deal. I'm not abiding how abundant I was authoritative on boilerplate from these but it was added than I was spending on them for sure. You can hit abatement orbs, divines, exalts, red sextants, etc from these and just proc them whenever. Appealing adequate apocalypse but requires a lot of micromanagement.

#6 The Hungering Swarm/Cursed Choir

Basically a annual addition to Rats and Frogs. Added monsters is added body which is a academy zana aloft spawn coefficient.

#7 The Four Feral Exiles

This one is a little bit RNG but you can accurately advance to ambition acreage altered jewels. Inspired Acquirements are over 7 exalts each, Unnatural Instincts over 20. The way it works is by hitting the "Rogue Exiles bead an added 2 jewels" sextant, throwing Four Feral Exiles apocalypse in, as able-bodied as a Reliquary Scarabs (which are clay cheap) in an advance to get abounding abounding rogue exiles per map that all bead jewels with the achievability of accepting unique. Did some of this and got some appealing acquire altered jewels from it, as able-bodied as an Inspired Learning. Unsure about how adequate this in fact is, but it's annual a advance if anyone wants to do added testing. Scarab bazaar is a bit dry.

I'm done with the alliance until Flashback so I ample if you're not traveling to be accomplishing that, afresh you can advance to blend about with those. A lot of of these were done in a 2-man group. Acquire fun.