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Dec-06-2018 Categories: news

I'm skeptical, but I'm analytical what the association thinks. I'm bringing this up because it seems like Hierophant and Champion, two Ascendancies that are appropriately the best totem Advantage and the best affray Advantage are accepting new synergies with Brands and Banners, respectively, a application afterwards Pathfinder, a abiding admired Advantage got a chic new apparatus and anarchy abilities adopted for it.

A counterpoint, of course, is that Guardian got to accept an absorbing affray summoner playstyle revolving about Herald of Purity, Smite, and a revamped Dominating Blow, cheap poe currency aperture up a cast new way of arena a absolute underplayed Advantage that a lot of would alarm anemic before.

I don't necessarily anticipate that these new playstyles will be buffs to Hierophant or Champion, but my catechism is why these Ascendancies with in-the-meta builds should get new abilities and Advantage tweaks to animate new agency of architecture them while added Ascendancies are larboard by the wayside - Chieftain could accept accustomed a abounding fledged advance into accepting a tanky mage with Brands, or Assassin could get a abuse to the playstyle above accepting 'i like crits', and Berserker hardly needs some tweaks and seems to be thematically absolutely in band for Banners.

I'm blessed GGG is creating new agreeable and I don't beggarly this to be necessarily a qq post, I just admiration whether the association wants an allurement to play new Ascendancies or accept absolute accepted ones be tweaked to accommodate new agency to play them.

According to poe.ninja, Pathfinder was 3% acceptance in Aggression SC. Hierophant and Champion are 3% and 2% appropriately in Delve SC. These aren't the a lot of accepted classes to alpha with.

What I anticipate GGG is accomplishing is aggravating to rework underused advantage paths. About no Pathfinders were demography the adulteration nodes afore the rework. Absolute few Champions yield Inspirational and although some Hierophants yield the cabalistic coinsow path, it's still the atomic accepted choice.

Everyone agrees that zerker should get buffed. Allegedly we'll see a acerbity aisle rework at some point with maybe an absolutely new artisan to alter it. I anticipate the CoC change counts as an Assassin addict though.

Sometimes it takes a application or so for humans to bolt assimilate an Ascendancy(all numbers, for consistencies sake, will be from 95 on up and SC) - Pathfinder appropriate now is 12% in Delve, and Hierophant at 5% in Aggression was the 6th a lot of accepted Ascendancy.

In Aggression Raider, Berserker, Chieftain, Inquisitor, and Assassin were at 1% or below.

In Delve Raider, Berserker, Inquisitor, and Assassin are beneath than 1%, Chieftain is at 1%. (Slayer and Animated are aswell perennially at 2% or beneath but I anticipate they could be anchored absolutely calmly by blame concrete dps, and they accept absolute able identities).

Why not try to accord the RIBAC quintet new toys afore added Ascendancies?