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Aug-08-2018 Categories: news

I've been arena Path of Exile on and off aback Beta. It's been a cool experience. At this point I've had my fill. Somewhere forth the band I bethink annual Chris or Bex adage that honest acknowledgment from users of all arena levels is appreciated, so I capital to allotment the criticisms that accept assuredly outweighed my joy in playing.

Please accumulate in apperception Path of Exile charcoal an unparalleled acquaintance in my apperception and one I awful recommend. These critiques appear from the angle of anyone who in fact adores POE and has played a brace hours a day for a continued time, but still is a continued way from a guy who hits 99 and sells mirror services & path of exile currency service.

#1 Items

- Crafting is a blast, but crafting for me is unrewarding. Unless I'm affluent in a accurate alliance and traveling for an end bold item, I can usually buy what I'm searching for for abundant cheaper than crafting it. I do adeptness anyhow admitting it accepting sub-optimal, but the coins it can yield to accomplish an advancement just feels terrible.

- As added humans play and the alliance gets older, you apprehend the superior of attenuate on the exchange to go up and the bulk to go down. The cool bulk of items that bead now, accumulated with the beyond and added accomplished user base, in fact hurts the crafting experience. The bulk of anarchy spam adapted to adeptness a ring annual selling, for example, has awfully increased.

- Rares that aren't Uber/Shaper/Temple/Abyss currently feel too junky. Items like Stygian Vises actually beat added items of the aforementioned type.

- Too abounding uniques are abandoned afterwards the aboriginal brace weeks of a new league.

- End bold hunt items are great! While arena with Headhunter feels silly, I ambition there were added grindable top bank items. It feels so abundant added acceptable than affairs my GG end bold account for a brace chaos.

#2 Grinding

- The masters charge some love. Too abounding missions present no claiming at all, and the bulk of quests bare to affiliated masters up is absurd. Even with the Zana changes leveling her's the worst. Upping the risk/reward would be so actual welcome.

- Backward bold is repetitive. I adore commutual my Atlas instead of agriculture a specific map to advice action this, but I still end up acid the aforementioned maps acquisitive that a affiliated map drops.

- Backward bold agreeable is either not arduous or not annual attempting. It feels like my appearance can either do agreeable calmly or not at all.

- The agreeable that hits the arduous candied atom is not rewarding. Arduous agency it takes time, which agency it is sub-optimal. Time spent angry through a boxy besmirched red map bang-up is bigger spent alive addition map.

#3 Misc

- Lots of humans accuse about how a few builds consistently assume to dominate, this doesn't bother me at all. I do ambition GGG was a bit added abundant handed in buffing/nerfing overused/underappreciated things to actualize added variety, but I'm just as blessed aggravating to affiliated an ES arctic bang body as I am an arc trapper.

- The bright acceleration meta isn't for me.

- The brotherhood arrangement is under-utilized. It would be cool to accept something to plan with accompany towards.

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