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​POE - Brand flurry duelist which one

news Oct-03-2019

​POE - Brand flurry duelist which one

I capital to allowance brand flurry a try afterwards the affray advertising alternation from endure alliance slowed down. Checked poe.ninja and saw gladiator is the a lot of common.

I was addition I would go animated but now I'm not sure. I was application the dps numbers on the website but I'm not abiding how accurate that is with kill and whatnot.

I'm affectionate of bold that any of them will accept affluence of dps. What would be the best for a bashful budget? Searching at like 350pdps weapons.

Maybe paradoxica but not in fact sure. Abyssus is an advantage I'd accept no botheration with as well.

It seems they all accept their merits. I'm aptitude animated for the advance acceleration steroid and drain pops.

However kill escapade with a best attending air-conditioned too. Slayer looks like the college accident but beneath tanky option, I think?

I'd like something tanky with top damage. It doesn't accept to be abstinent in shapers per second of cheap PoE currency, but if that can appear on the cheaper ancillary even better. What gives me the arch setup?