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Feb-10-2018 Categories: news

Since you can get a captain with amateur akin 20 gem supports, that are endless bigger than blind of poe trade currency. I anticipate it's time we get bequest Bringer of Rain back.

Maybe they can analysis out a few added uniques that were nerfed to the arena above-mentioned to this adeptness creep.

I beggarly rares are declared to be bigger afresh uniques are they not? A able-bodied formed attenuate I anticipate should be bigger afresh a unique, BoR is a nice access akin item.

I dont anticipate the supports on it allegation touching, if annihilation just accord it some added block or activity to accomplish up for accident chest.

I admired uniques accepting unique, not just accepting on a "decent/cheap rare" level. What is the point of altered color/status/rarity if rares can cycle with agnate blazon of mods and bigger mods?

What's the point of [[Malicious Intent]] for classic if you can get the aforementioned mod on an Abyss jewel that aswell has 3 added stats?

With accession of Shaper/Elder rares, a lot added uniques now are debris or just hobo annual tier. Afterwards 2.6 changes, you can bandy in all the chaos/convertion uniques into the mix.

Many of added uniques in 3.0 are trashy, 3.1 was bigger but GGG already previews new uniques, while 90%+ of uniques that currently bead are traveling beeline to vendor.

Just like added accessory uniques are disconnected into, levelling uniques, access uniques, physique enabling uniques and hunt uniques.

Levelling uniques and Access uniques are the aforementioned its just at which point of the bold you abrasion them. Levelling uniques are for low akin content, while access uniques are for starting endgame agreeable until you acquisition bigger formed rares.

You ambition these uniques because clashing rares their mods are set in stone, alone the ethics change.

Build enabling uniques are the ones with altered mods that can actualize assorted interactions with abilities and passives, great/must-have for assertive builds, debris for others.

Finally there's Hunt uniques which are the acutely attenuate ones like Headhunter, and the acumen these scattering of uniques are hunt because they are that acceptable and that rare.

Not all of the uniques will be acceptable just like a 90% of annual drops are bell-ringer trash. Though, I accede that poe marketplace with the abounding antithesis changes fabricated assertive uniques allegation to be re-examined.