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Mar-06-2018 Categories: news

So, I've been searching at the Berserker advantage and poe currency seeing if I could accomplish something absorbing out of it. Anticipation others adeptness be absorbed in my little experiment.

One accessible affair to try out is CI. If your best action is 1 afresh there's one of 4 things I accepted to happen:

- The regen is angled down and you don't ache any degen at all.

- The regen is angled up and activated abandoned so you die if you get rage, behindhand of whether it's based on 1 action or max action afterwards CI.

- The regen is angled up, activated calm with added regen/degen and based on 1 best action acceptation you can calmly adverse it with changeless action about-face on gear.

- The regen is angled up, activated calm with added regen/degen and based on best action afterwards CI acceptation you can you can adverse it but charge in actuality a bit of action regen.

Turns out none of those are true.

Without Rite of Ruin accepting beneath 20 acerbity you ache no degen. Accepting 20 or added acerbity you die. With Rite of Ruin that turns into 10 rage.

Now my aboriginal assumption on acquirements this was that allotment based action regen/degen is activated calm but changeless action regen is not. And aback I had in actuality 2% action regen on the tree.

That altogether explains those stacks.

Turns out that isn't accurate either. Assigning added credibility to allotment based action regen changes nothing. Accepting Zealot's Oath changes nothing. Accepting a Stone Golem out changes nothing.

If you accept Acerbity and CI afresh you die at 20 endless of rage.

If you accept Rage, Rite of Ruin and CI afresh you die at 10 endless of rage.