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​POE - Be time for GGG to accomplish a statement

news Oct-08-2019

​POE - Be time for GGG to accomplish a statement

Is it time for GGG to accomplish a account apropos scammers/toxic players? As leagues go by it feels like we acquire to accord with added and added baneful scumbags in this game, if its either scamming, or artlessly just cursing humans with abhorrent words out of nowhere, it doesn't matter. It is just a simple math, as the association grows, the association of humans with no moral standards grows with it, and appropriate now it seems like we are a lot of the times blank adjoin some situations that we experience, and some of the abounding astonishing things that were already acquaint in this sub abounding times are just affidavit of that toxicity. Even admitting this accomplished association in the best of all the amateur I've played, I can't help but anticipate to myself how "there were below betray attempts and baneful players a some leagues ago".

To be absolutely honest, I am clumsy to just "don't accord a crap" or "forget about it, because it happens all the time", it just makes me pissed off tbh.

First I capital to allocution about the avoid list. Clearly GGG can't calmly yield accomplishments everytime because of abounding reasons, but beeing able to put anniversary humans that tries to betray or behaves like a 10 year old baby brat in a account that guarantee you will never acquire to accord with that specific accepting afresh is, well, at atomic something. Of advance I am not aboveboard to accept that the avoid account could end up with all "good people" eventually not award scammers anymore at some point, of advance not, but as I said, it is at atomic something, it could be one below accepting for you to anguish about. So, unless there's a acumen for this limit, we should be able to avoid as abounding humans as we want.

(Btw it would be amazing a air-conditioned avoid account that you could browse through and put addendum allegorical an "ignore reason", and could even be a acclimated as a apparatus for GGG to identify/check for baneful behaviour in specific cases, it would accomplish so the avoid account would be actual agnate to the address system, but one could accompaniment one accession somehow, just something to anticipate about)

The added affair (title btw) is that I've heard belief about added agency you can accord with scammers, situations you can address to GGG abreast so they can in actuality yield those able accomplishments we want, if thats in actuality true, I would acquire to say the majority of the association is not abiding about what to do whenever something happens, so maybe it's missing some "guide" of what a amateur should/can do in some situations. What is the best way to accord with a bluff or anyone that behaves inappropriately? What absolutely can we do?

It aswell feels like there's a abridgement of accuracy apropos what is and isn't acceptable in amateur interactions, as atomic that's how I feel if I see some posts actuality in reddit. I apparently don't apperceive abounding data myself, there are way too different situations that can arise atm and the rules don't assume to be abundant to analyze whether or not something can be done, at atomic not for every accessible scenario.

Considering abounding humans acquire beeing accusatory aback this huge association growth, it may be time for GGG to accomplish a account about this accountable to analyze and admonition abounding players bigger accept how they can in actuality yield actions, PoE currency and when it's not accessible to do so.