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​POE - As a New Amateur Watching Exilecon

news Nov-17-2019

​POE - As a New Amateur Watching Exilecon

I'm hyped. I'd been told PoE was cool complicated and not account the investment basically everywhere I looked for years. I accept to accept been searching in the amiss places. The Accomplishment gem arrangement is different, added all-embracing bend on one of my admired mechanics in gaming history: Materia.

I spent bags of hours arena FFVII even afterwards my aboriginal run was an ABSOLUTE disaster, not even managing leave the aboriginal deejay until I'd continued maxed out the time adverse on my save because I accept to accept been blind.

Why? Materia.

PoE has taken something like it and taken it to a akin I couldn't accept even dreamed up if I tried. Seeing what is advancing for 3.9 afresh 4.0 afterwards just in the endure ages begin PoE has me so abundantly aflame for the future.

I'm still addition out gem combinations and searching at guides going... "Well, that playstyle sounds like a LOT of fun! I wish to try that!" Kid in the bonbon branch x 500. Acceptable god this is traveling to be a candied ride.

Some of the accepting I wish to try will acceptable be complete shit, but I'll accept a BALL accomplishing it. Chaining w/ casting on crit Etereal knives or Bladefall and... Cobra lash? Split shot? Power Siphon? Ice Arrow? Frost Strike?

Yes, please! MASSIVE single-target with crazy Herald popping/prolif? I want.

My wife and I accept been so thoroughly absorbed on the gameplay that we're just now -on our 3rd characters to accomplishment the advance - alpha to accept the adventure because we were consistently jumping to the next breadth to mop up the next pack(s) and buy cheap poe exalted orbs administration or bribery with crafting our accessory to accomplish it through.

My wife's aboriginal altered was Tabula Rasa. I traded for one a anniversary later. Every altered bead excites me. This hasn't happened in a bold for me for a continued time.