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​POE - Arena a Magma Orb Deadeye with Gloomfang

news Jul-07-2019

​POE - Arena a Magma Orb Deadeye with Gloomfang

Playing a Magma Orb Deadeye with Gloomfang. I swapped to a crit body with an Assassin's Mark on hit ring and was addled that I was active out of ability accuse while mowing down absolute packs.

I had gone 1/4 of a map while not accepting a individual ability charge, yet my Blood Rage aberration accuse were abounding the absolute time (~25% to accretion a allegation for both on kill). The hit mobs were accepting the anathema marker, but I wasn't accepting any charges.

The afterward abilities were activated with +2 to alternation breadth I had "difficulty" accepting ability accuse from the on-hit ring:

- Lightning Arrow

- Lightning Strike

- Elemental Hit (ranged only, affray can't chain)

- Wild Strike

- Lancing Steel

- Atomic Arrow

- Ice Shot

- Frost Blades

- Fireball

- Magma Orb

The afterward abilities I activated were able to accomplish charges:

- Ability Siphon (unknown if affected, about grants ability accuse on kill)

- Arctic Breath

- Ethereal Knives

- Essence Drain

- Barrage

- Split Arrow (inconsistent but still acquired charges)

- Shattering Steel (inconsistent but still acquired charges)

When application the Assassin's Mark anathema accomplishment gem on enemies, I would accretion accuse as accepted via kills (ie constant allegation generation).

I should analyze that this "bug" seems to be a cogent abridgement in the adventitious to accretion a allegation from on-hit curses. With the ring on, I would eventually accretion a change, but I would accept 20-30 annihilate streaks breadth I wouldn't accretion a single charge.