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POE - Appraisal of Xbox PoE from a primarily PC player

news Apr-26-2019

POE - Appraisal of Xbox PoE from a primarily PC player

With a accepted abridgement of amateur to play and the blah league, I absitively to try out PoE on my Xbox and see how it is. The appraisal beneath is carefully a allegory of the differences amid the PC and Xbox versions of the game. I mostly typed out these addendum in the blow during loading screens.

PC: i7 4770k, 16GB RAM, GTX1080, 500GB Samsung SSD

Played on Xbox One S w/500GB HDD

Both platforms accepting played on the aforementioned 1440p 60hz monitor.

# Gameplay


- Smart-flasks are nice (Uses a alembic of the aforementioned blazon if the alembic apprenticed to the apprenticed button has too few charges).

- Your appear minimap breadth is stored in case of a crash. (Does PC do this?)


- Ancillary adventure areas during leveling acquainted simpler? 4 aureate pages were all aural a screens ambit to the start. Fireflies were air-conditioned quick to get. I don't apperceive if this is brash or if I am just accepting some antic seeds. Afterwards areas acquainted "normal".

- A lot of bulk times are tolerable. The xbox is application HDD and a lot of endless yield about 30 seconds, for simple areas (hideout) it's about 15 seconds. I will not assault the bold too abundant here, if it was on SSD it would of advance be faster.


- Actually a few crashes, mostly on bulk screens. I would appraisal 1 in 20 bulk screens will cossack you to the home screen. With how about you alteration areas, that's several crashes in a multi-hour bold session.

- Some bulk times are just actually bad, about a minute. Mainly in towns which I acquire is due to MTX.

- Oriath SUCKS. Consistently 1 min+ bulk times and a college adventitious of crashing.

- Boodle tooltips can get "pushed" off awning with no way to baddest them with the appropriate stick. This is even worse than PC because the annual abandoned inbounds but there is no way to baddest it to aces it up. There is no way to toggle the boodle clarify (Z on PC) on Xbox. The "fix" to get the annual is to set the boodle clarify to the a lot of austere setting, afresh put it aback down to your approved filter.

- Connected desync problems. It's like I'm arena in 2014 but I can't spam /oos to admonition me. Died actually a few times in burrow afterward the barrow but my appearance was in actuality ashore in the dejected on a bedrock or monster.

- The algorithm for selecting what you collaborate with feels amiss a lot of the time. Sometimes I'm continuing on top of an annual but the targeting is bisected a awning away. If I'm walking adjoin a waypoint it doesn't breeze to it until I'm anon on top of it.

# Controls


- 4 x 2 face button accomplishment binds are automatic to use. The analog movement and activity mappings plan actually able-bodied together.


- UI button mappings are all over the place. I am consistently searching at the basal of the awning for what aggregate of accidental buttons I charge to columnist and about columnist the amiss button for what I wish to do.

- Acrimonious up or interacting with items/boxes/prompts is aching and difficult to do quickly. Sharing the A button with attainable abilities is a abhorrent decision. I would rather lose a button aperture to see a committed collaborate button. I about acquisition myself fluctuant the sticks and mashing A to collaborate with something. If there are a baby bulk of enemies adjacent the targeting prioritizes them so interacting is difficult. In ample packs of enemies interacting with annihilation added than enemies is impossible. You're affected to stop and PoE currency annihilate afore affective on. Time-limited areas (delve, incursion, memories) breadth you charge to aces up or collaborate bound are complete arresting due to this.

- Several interactions acquire no active or UI aspect to appearance that a accurate activity is attainable at that moment. Authoritative a new instance for example. This accurate artisan is hidden at the complete basal of the "Helpful Tips" breadth in the in-game admonition panel.

- The on-screen argument ascribe lags.

# Graphics


- Red awning achromatize if low health. It's a complete simple aftereffect but acutely helpful. Add to PC amuse (as a toggleable option)!


- TONS of dribble and awning disturbing in all locations of the game. The aboriginal backpack on every map consistently causes an immense bulk of freezing and stutter. If you are betrayal ambushed aural the aboriginal few packs you are basically just dead.

- Connected activating resolution drops to pixel soup. A lot of areas acquire to be 1080p if annihilation traveling on, about 720p with accessory effects, and sub-540p in abundant arena effect/intensive areas. Burrow azurite gauntlets are bad for this.

- The top-right minimap is actually useless. Even at the extreme zoomed out akin I can abandoned see the bulk of breadth that is already on my awning authoritative it pointless. I played 99% of the bold with the bury map in the boilerplate of my awning instead.

# Sound

I played afterwards bold audio a lot of of the time, with youtube or music arena on headphones instead.


- No subtitles for anything. On PC you at atomic acquire a babble log breadth announced roles can be read.

# Delve

- The bug breadth azurite follows you about but you dont aces it up still happens, but it's even worse aback it locks your collaborate adeptness and you acquire to jerk about even added to collaborate with what you wish or adjournment for the azurite block to despawn. Why are azurite pieces even interactable to activate with? Your sole alternation with them should be walking over them to acrimonious them up. There is no acumen for them to overlap with added interactions.

# Trading

Other humans acquire done videos traveling over the system, I'll just say I hated it. Searching for specific items is a joke. The abridgement is acutely asleep and any aberrant annual will be listed for assorted exalts. You are basically arena SSF+.


Coming from PC, the animate adaptation of the bold is about abandoned a abatement in all respects. The game's corrupt engine acutely banned amusement of the game. Bugs and achievement issues from PC abide boundless or worse on console.

The abandoned way I could acclaim the animate adaptation of the bold to anyone is if you don't acquire a PC able of arena the game.