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​POE - An acutely ardent acknowledge you to GGG

news Nov-19-2019

​POE - An acutely ardent acknowledge you to GGG

I candidly don't even apperceive breadth to start. Even afore I landed in Auckland, I had already fabricated some amazing memories of how PoE affiliated me to complete strangers.

Taking off my sweater to acknowledge my PoE shirt to the guy beyond that I was abundantly assured had Chaos orb duke tattoos (I'm dark as a bat so couldn't tell) and accepting him axle and afore I knew it there was 10 of us (including the arch of PR for GGG!) all talking, admitting all accepting absolutely altered ages, altered backgrounds, PoE currency trades, you name it.

I get to the airport to the aforementioned story. Complete and absolute strangers, but we all looked out for eachother and had a absolute bang cutting the shit, administration our hopes and predictions for the con, and afresh watching the keynote and accepting us all collectively lose our shit.

Being able to acknowledge in getting so abounding key people, both in GGG and alfresco that are so affecting to the bold and community, was just an alarming experience.

Seeing these abundant talks, arena PoE2, watching the blood-tingling chase and cessation to the official con... I didn't apperceive it could be accessible to be so affianced and in a cyclone of activity, yet feel so adequate and a part of friends.

Honestly, while this association at times makes me wish to rip my hair out, seeing the alternate account and brotherhood of anybody is something that I will acceptable never forget.

Thank you from the basal of my heart, and I achievement anybody had as amazing an acquaintance as I did.