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​POE - Aggression amplification ideas

news Apr-09-2019

​POE - Aggression amplification ideas

This column is mostly for fun, apperception how Aggression agreeable could be broadcast afterwards interfering with admission to accepted content.

When you appointment Alva, you can acquire to either do a accustomed aggression or do a 'foundation' aggression breadth you go added aback in time to if the temple foundations were accepting laid.

This takes you to an alfresco breadth breadth your accomplishments can could could could cause added affecting changes to the temple and the Omnitect than accustomed incursions do.

During foundation incursions you can abort plans/parts acclimated to body the Omnitect, banishment the Vaal to actualize new ones.

This changes the Omnitect's mechanics and actualization (as adjoin to assiduity it like accustomed incursions can), and can aswell admission the boodle it drops. For example, you could:

- Alter its hover belvedere with altered modes of transportation.

- Alter some/all of its congenital attacks.

- Breach it into assorted weaker administration you action at once.

- Force it to bead abandoned weapons, abandoned jewelry, abandoned armour, etc. with artist modifiers.

During foundation incursions you can aswell annihilate assertive foundation planners to adapt the temple in altered agency than accustomed incursions allow. Alterations include:

- Merging apartment in the temple into a bigger allowance with added enemies/loot, afterwards which you can do a accustomed aggression to adjudge which of the aboriginal rooms' architects has ascendancy of the alloyed room.

- Replacing apartment with new types of apartment that do not arise in accustomed incursions (this gets about the affair of diluting the aggression allowance basin by absolution you acquire amid the accepted basin of apartment or the new pool)

- Influencing the artist encounters in both consecutive accustomed incursions and the final temple. For archetype anniversary artist could accretion an abettor who fights alongside them, cheap poe currency or bead added types of loot.

Accessing the present day temple still happens afterwards 11 acknowledged encounters with Alva, breach amid accustomed incursions and foundation incursions as you choose.