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​POE - Advance Amnesty with Dread Banner

news Sep-08-2019

​POE - Advance Amnesty with Dread Banner

Dread Banderole gives adjacent enemies beneath accurateness rating. With abundant investment it should be accessible to get this to 100% beneath accurateness rating, which agency that all enemies in the aura's ambit will acquire 0 accuracy. This agency that they will acquire the minimum 5% adventitious to hit. With "+5% adventitious to balk attacks" this adventitious is bargain to 0%.

What this agency is that you and any allies with +5% balk adventitious (which can be acquired assorted places, such as an age-old ring mod) are finer accustomed to attacks from all enemies in the aura's range.

There are two agency to calibration the ambience strength: gem levels and ambience effect. This blueprint shows how abundant ambience aftereffect is bare for anniversary gem akin breakpoint.

Gem Level Base Value Aura Aftereffect Needed

19 21 377

22 22 355

25 23 335

28 24 317

31 25 300

34 26 285

37 27 271

40 28 258

The best aftereffect I've activate is application the akin 34 breakpoint, which agency 285% added ambience aftereffect is bare (26 * (1+2.85) = 100.1). This is accomplished as follows:

21 from a besmirched max-level gem.

+4 from a double-corrupted Victario's Influence (+1 Gems, +2 AoE, Aura, or Duration).

+4 from a akin 5 Empower (1 akin acquired from chest corruption)

+5 from a Staff with +2 all spell gems and +3 all concrete spell gems. Dual wielding Cold Iron Credibility aswell works ( this gives +6, so you can acquire 1 beneath elsewhere)

To accomplish the 285% breakpoint, the afterward sources are available:

69% from the tree

20% from Champion ascendency

11% from 22% superior on Dread Banner

40% from Helment enchant

3% from Conqueror's Potency

15% from Victorio's Influence

49% from the akin 30 Generosity accepted by Victatio's Influence

16% from a akin 5 Enhance (1 akin acquired from chest corruption). 72% from Glorious Vanity (#2787, this is the accomplished I've apparent reported).

This totals 295%, so 10% can be absent (most acceptable through a less-extreme Glorious Vanity).

Since Dread Banderole aswell gives up to +50% ambience aftereffect while placed, accepting to 100% is essentially easier if you're accept with alone accepting the amnesty while the banderole is placed.