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​POE - Accessible to add added maps to album completion

news Oct-04-2019

​POE - Accessible to add added maps to album completion

The aboriginal map that comes to my apperception is Beachhead (be it T5/T10/T15) aback you can get a concrete archetype of it and it should be counted appear album completion.

Another map to accede is Untainted Paradise. However, you cannot get a concrete archetype of it and can abandoned admission access from Zana missions, so it may be too attenuate to be completed reliably.

Next, I feel that maps that accommodate added endgame administration should calculation appear album completion, such as The Apex of Sacrifice, The Anemic Cloister and The Alluring Abyss.

This encourages humans to defeat these administration at atomic already while accepting album achievement to ability Shaper and Uber Elder.

Lastly, I would like to see old map layouts to appear back, such as Springs map, Acid Lakes map, Tribunal map, Gorge map and Torture Chamber map for a greater array of map layouts to play with.

It would be air-conditioned if commutual those administration for the aboriginal time gave some array of absorbing benefit that is altered than the accepted album bonus.

Maybe anniversary appropriate map you complete could accord a baby adventitious (5%?) to add an added bead if you complete any added map on the atlas.

Beachhead could be a baby assemblage of bill shards, an added besmirched annual for Atziri, an added sac fragment for uber Atziri, an added Elder/Shaper annual for those bosses, or argent bill for anemic court.

The rewards are baby and exceptional abundant to not be too able for abandoned allowance the map once, path of exile currency but you would in fact wish to bright anniversary of them at atomic already a alliance to get the added accessory bonus.