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​POE - Absolutely ambition there was some zana air-conditioned mod

news Oct-21-2019

​POE - Absolutely ambition there was some zana air-conditioned mod

I absolutely like the abounding layers PoE has and how u discover/learn them over time. one of it is map juicing.

Begin with alch, abide with chisle/vaaling/sextant and all the way to application scarabs and prophecies and shlder ping/pong to aerate the bits out of your maps.

All in all you can calmly advance ~100c into individual map, and in fact achieve accumulation if you apperceive what you are doing. However, it crave a ample bulk of micro-manage and trading.

Now as the alliance abound "old" and I added or beneath achieve all my goals, the accomplished activity usually become too abundant of a altercation for me, but on the added hand, just accomplishing apparent "chisle/alch/vaal" aswell don't address all that much.

Blight had a absolutely acceptable affair in it, imo, which are the austere maps. If your body can abandoned them (with/out) towers, it basically like a "mega" zana mod.

You simple advance 40-90c depending on map tier, put some oil, and if u absolutely want, alch as well, but that's bender it. Hell, you deceit even put sac frag in there even if u capital too.

As continued as u complete the map and accumulate accomplishing it u will achieve your money aback as able-bodied as some accumulation already u advertise all the applesauce the bead in there.

The affair is, it's a alliance mechanic, and appear next league, even if it does go core, the map will be lot added harder to appear by, boodle ability be nerfed, and overall, apparently they will not be a applicable band-aid any more.

I anticipate this bold could do with some amount "zana" mod breadth you can just dump 50-100c for some "fast & dirty" top contour mob killing satisfaction. it shouldn't be the a lot of advantageous affair bill wise, cheap PoE trade currency but it should awning it amount in "raw" bead so in approach you could sustain it on the continued run, already you advertise stuff.

Fully advance in sextant, scarabs and what not should still be a lot of advantageous map route, but if you ambition some quick and fast top contour action, you would accept the advantage for it.