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​POE - A bargain spawn bulk in Bulk POE

news Jul-10-2019

​POE - A bargain spawn bulk in Bulk POE

Please argue me why agriculture T2 maps is altered from Low Akin Atramentous Agriculture or Betrayal Blocking. This is a altercation about "low" akin agreeable in aisle of Exile and the advantageous bill associated with agriculture such blazon of content.

Some background:

Example # 1: During Burrow alliance we had low akin atramentous farmers that would spam about low akin encounters, accept a about "pacifist" mindset application acrobatics and phasing to run about in the atramentous and boodle fossils and resonators. GGG nerfed this by authoritative atramentous accident about absurd to avoid, behindhand of your HP pool.

Resulting acknowledgment by GGG:

1, Low akin advantage of burrow - nerfed.

2, Atramentous agriculture - nerfed.

Example #2: Aswell during burrow alliance we had humans spamming Quarry and Ossuary for "Niko" encounters avaricious sulphite (since the appointment about consistently spawned abreast the waypoint). Players would again accommodate the instance and rinse/repeat until they had sulphite. This was a asinine way of agriculture sulphite behindhand of your purpose for defective the sulphite (be that atramentous farming, or blame top akin delves). This was nerfed by GGG.

Resulting acknowledgment by GGG:

1, Spammable instances with alliance mechanics were moved/placed added abroad from waypoints.

2, Sulphite costs were "adjusted" at capricious levels.

Example #3 During betrayal alliance there were assorted means to aerate accumulation by alive specific encounters with Jun, and "blocking" added styles of encounters. Abounding players would ambition acreage scarabs, authentic breachstones, and crafting benches over and over to consistently accomplish currency. Players would body top movespeed builds to run Harbour Bridge, or Ossuary in adjustment to bound appointment Jun and echo as bound as accessible their bill breeding loop. This was nerfed by GGG.

Resulting acknowledgment by GGG:

1, Change the way "blocking" works for Betrayal encounters.

2, Change the way authentic breachstones akin breadth plan (as a aftereffect of the akin 100 spam).

And now (snap aback to the present):

We accept white maps agriculture on maps that are A. accessible and B. Monolith spawn in a favorable place. Is this "low level" agriculture like atramentous agriculture or betrayal harbour arch spamming? I alone LOVE these styles of authoritative bill as they accord newer/poorer players bright paths to acquire bill appear their goals for a league. GGG acutely does NOT like these styles of low akin agriculture as they accept (over the endure year) consistently nerfed repeatable, low cost, top reward, acceleration based bill farming.

This has had a massive about-face in the way how ascendant meta influencing bill farmers are arena the bold (Be that Empyrian, Cute_Dog, MBXtreme, Grimro, or any of the accomplished advisers on Baeclast) and has trickled down into the 'rank and file' accidental types like myself that get to play way beneath than the aloft mentioned agreeable influences.

"Aha" you ability say "But Iron, those added low akin agriculture instances had aught bulk claim absorbed besides maps! Now low akin glacial/alleyways/etc agriculture costs white coffer maps to spam!"

While low akin maps are...just that....maps, and so accept some befalling bulk aloft time, they are calmly acceptable behindhand of album achievement %. If arena in a barter alliance the bill from anniversary of these runs is calmly abundant to buy affluence of replacements even if you don't wish to bother with bushing out your album achievement %.

"Fair abundant point, Iron" you ability say "However, you've alone to yield into application that this is actually a alliance mechanic, Burrow was anchored artlessly by traveling bulk and not accepting Niko present in every instance, and Betrayal was similarly anchored by not accepting Jun present in every instance, accordingly Monolith agriculture will be anchored by artlessly traveling bulk but not accepting present in every instance!"

There is a accustomed "nerf" that happens from an reuseable ability like a alliance artisan traveling from every instance to a bargain spawn bulk in Bulk POE. However, in anniversary of the 3 aloft instances GGG went aloft artlessly affective these mechanics into Bulk and absolution that abridgement in spawn be enough. In every instance GGG has pushed for added nerfs to abate the achievability of bill agriculture through low akin repeatable content. Why will Monolith agriculture survive in any array of agnate abundance to what we currently have, if GGG has already displayed such a trend in nerfing Atramentous Farming, Sulphite Spamming, Betrayal spamming?