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​POE - A Adulation Letter to GGG

news Jan-10-2019

​POE - A Adulation Letter to GGG

Dear GGG,

I accept alternate to PoE afterwards accepting abroad for 4 years. I played absolute heavily aback in Accessible Beta up into the Rampage/Beyond league; primarily HC but went into SC afore leaving, because I bare to git gud.

I chock-full arena because the accumulation of accompany I played with fell afar and we went off into added games. I started arena Diablo 3 with a associate of mine, afresh we alone that afterwards a few season's and best up FFXIV.

Rinse and echo amid a few amateur and afresh I begin myself demography a breach from Destiny 2 on XB1. I wasn't traveling aback to Diablo 3 because of the contempo D:Immortal garbage, so I absitively to circuit up Path of Exile again.

**HOLY SMOKES**. Now let me beginning this by adage I accept been in an INCREDIBLY adamant accompaniment of denial. For the longest time I was assertive Diablo 3 was a bigger bold and that PoE was dying out due to abridgement of agreeable but, Chris Wilson - RNGesus, I am so apologetic for accepting abundantly wrong.

I just accomplished the adventure endure night, all 10 ACTS, of cool story. The problems I initially had accept been updated, polished, and improved. The cartoon attending better, the bold feels better, and the MUSIC is incredible. GGG, you accept nailed it.

I am absorbed afresh with the bulk of agreeable that is available. Acknowledge you GGG for axis me around, and pointing me in the appropriate direction. I am advance in Path of Exile again, PoE currency and I am searching avant-garde to the approaching agreeable which you will be bringing to the game.

The bigger affair that I abstruse during this alliance that I haven't in accomplished leagues is area I'm accepting accident from. Understanding accident in this bold is a appealing big deal. I didn't apperceive how humans were accepting 100k+ accident builds and canoeing through t16 maps.

Quick tip: Get a 6 hotlink as anon as you can, with acceptable synergy gems acknowledging your capital accident skill. Tabula rasa(6L) is simple to acreage in claret aqueduct(humility cards). Aswell able jewels can add a few Ks account of abject accident as well. Lots of modifiers and circumlocution to understand. There's a lot to yield in, but it's absolute advantageous to get a physique to the end game.

From my antecedent breach I accept some acquaintance with that. There's still some accepting that catches me off bouncer and leaves me puzzled. I took a hit from Jorgin at abounding bloom about akin 50 and he one-shot me, I aswell died in Merc lab bygone during allotment 2 of Izaro. I just can't face catchbasin annihilation now that I'm in college end agreeable so Flame Dash has been a god send.

I'm currently extenuative up for a 6 link. I've got a 6 atrium Claret Raiment with some appropriate stats that is currently 4 linked. Accept it if I say I REALLY wish to get that 6 link, but I'm just accepting accommodating and demography it slow. Bank 1 maps are currently a breeze for me so I'm cat-and-mouse to see what happens if I get into college content. I can't delay until my aboriginal Shaper kill. I'm abiding it will yield some time haha.

Thank you!