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Nostalrius - Druids are apparently bigger for 5 mans

Hot MMOgo Nostalrius/Elysium Gold Here - Druids are apparently bigger for 5 mans, not as acceptable for raids but

you can absolutely catchbasin arrest administration as a Druid it's just added

work. Unless you're minmaxing it's absolutely not an issue. You in actuality

charge a buck catchbasin for Jindo if you ambition to get rid of his


  Can't you just accept an architect in the arrest and abash it?Correct me if

I'm amiss (I actual able-bodied could be), but isn't that a bagatelle aperture

with a cooldown? I don't anticipate it's reliable abundant to use throughout the


  You are absolutely correct. I misremembered it as just an item. I'm aswell

not accustomed with that action or it's stategies, it was artlessly an idea.Can

anyone explain absolutely why warrior tanks are advised binding at the end-game?

I've alone anytime apparent humans say that they are, never the acumen why.

  Warriors get an adeptness alleged absorber block. If he has abundant

abstention and is aegis capped afresh while absorber block is active, the

warrior can be hit with a block, he can parry, he can dodge, or he can be

missed. This pushes crits and crushing assault absolutely off the table and he

can never yield massive accident in one swing.

  Since administration already hit hard, a crushing abstract at the amiss

time can annihilate your catchbasin so fast that he cannot be healed through it.

Warriors can accumulate absorber block up about 100% of the time depending on

beat acceleration of the mob.

  Druids can never get abundant abstention to advance crushing assault off

the table and I'm appealing abiding it's aswell absurd to get analytic aegis

capped in covering accessory so they can be crit AND ashamed in raids. Even

admitting their accident acknowledgment in accepted is higher, they can get RNG

busted and die in 1 to 2 hits that can't be predicted.

  While paladins can get abundant aegis to be crit immune, they don't accept

abundant block with angelic absorber to get amnesty to crushing assault in the

aforementioned way. They aswell use backbone for threat, so continued fights

beggarly they accept to Buy Nostalrius Gold choke backbone pots to sustain mana... and unless they

are pond in consumables it's about unmanagable.

  Hope that helps even admitting it's not decidedly concise.