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NFL - What is absorbing to me

It's appealing bright that Edelman denticulate in the larboard pic. The brawl is aloft the band and he is acutely in bounds. But for whatever acumen the account didn't count; the brawl was placed on the one of Madden NFL 17 Coins.

I challenged the play, and predictably the cardinal on the acreage stood and the account remained 14-13.

What is absorbing to me is that the pic on the appropriate shows that while the account did not change, Brady about was accurately awarded the TD, as it can be apparent that he has 3 TD passes.

The claiming arrangement in Anger is so broke, to the point that it is a abandoned aspect of the game.

I apperceive I am not the aboriginal accepting in this subredit to accompany this up, and I achievement abounding added do.

Too abounding plays cannot be challenged, and one's like this that can be are rarely bound correctly. C'mon EA, get this right.

(I should add for added ambience that this was a a affiliated TD run by Edelman, so it doesn't bulk if he had two anxiety in bound so affiliated as the brawl crosses the line, which he did anyways.)

I've started a Sim abandoned authorization and I noticed in one bold with a top account that the TD's didn't bout up with the absolute score.

I scoured the box account but my aggregation was accepting awarded 2 apparition TD's somehow, conceivably this is why.

If a amateur is no best on your aggregation if you attending at the stats his stats are just gone adored on him abandoned I guess.

Similar affair happened to me. got a td which wasn't accustomed (fuckin holding) which counted on the scoreboard, about didn't appearance up in the stats. Got to yield the pat and bold continued.

Happened to me a brace canicule ago. Go advanced TD that was a berth review. It was rules a td and Madden Mobile Coins never registered. Kinda annoying. Guy I played marched up the acreage and hit a FG to win.