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Jul-28-2017 Categories: news

Can we get you guys to fix the accuracy of Madden? I'm ailing of the players not extensive above the ambition band or the aboriginal down brand on 3rd and Madden 18 Coins inches or on bound canyon plays.

Also absolution us claiming the atom of a brawl and it accepting accurately called. Too abounding times my knee has appear down in the end area and been alleged chock-full at the ambition line.

How about defenders not accepting able to beating the brawl out of a receivers easily arrest their legs on a jump ball?

How about not absolution the opposing QB just bung the brawl out of bounds, every alone time they're about to get sacked?

Other than those audacious issues. I attending advanced to the added changes. Bummed about the acknowledgment of the hit stick. I consistently struggled with it and in actuality adopted accepting the advantage to just accept amid a safe or advancing tackle.

Overall these all complete like abundant changes, though. In actuality acquisitive the gameplay looks acceptable if it assuredly starts accepting shown.

So no acknowledgment of QB able to bandy brawl abroad every play, huh?

Are you talking about AI qbs? Could could could cause it seems even if I get a duke on the qb, he manges to just about get rid of the brawl in such a way that its an abridged canyon over a fumble. Drives me bat bits insane.

Exactly what I am talking about. If the QB is not out of the abridged (which AI about never is), the alone way they can get rid of the brawl is by throwing abreast a receiver. They consistently just fasten it to the arena and don't get intentional grounding.

Which no QB would do. Theyd yield the sack instead of risking advised grounding, fumbling, or a bad canyon that after-effects in an interception. Acceptable QBs apperceive if to yield the sack. I ambition theyd fix that.

Kinda like 2ks basketball iq, players with a college iq would be added acceptable to yield a sack compared to a lower appraisement guy, who adeptness try to still get rid of it or accomplish a play. Something like that?

Thatd be abundant but itd aswell admission to be bold dependent. If theyre abaft by 3 with 20 abnormal larboard in the game, afresh theyll try to accomplish a play no amount what. Itd be complicated to accomplish plan well.

I advanced complicated is hitting the attach on the head. The situations are harder to action bound for the AI, abnormally aback there are so abounding factors from QB abilities and intelligence to down and ambit to score.