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NFL - To Acrimony for accomplish a wish

Does anybody apperceive who Doug Hayes is? I was arena some acrimony 12 and I noticed that he was a 42 year old qb from Georgia tech with 20 years experience. It aswell says he went undrafted in 1991.

When I attending him up though Madden NFL 17 Coins, I can't acquisition a individual activity about him. Was this an EA agent or something?

There's aswell like 3 added qb's like him who all accept old as hell amateur pics and are 65 ovr.

Could be an employee. I apperceive for a brace years they added a kid in to Acrimony for accomplish a wish.

Yeah it is, there's a 5'6 babe in the chargeless bureau pool. Aswell there's a developers aggregation that you can alone get to by acute the adventitious button until you get lucky.

How to do I about-face off that brainless acreage ambition Camera? Several times while arena Acrimony 17, I've absent amateur because if I advance to accomplish a endure added bold acceptable acreage goal, the camera gets as abutting to the arena as accessible authoritative it impossible for me to aim.

So by itself I consistently brand it to the larboard and absence a 30 backyard acreage MUT Coins goal. It's infuriating! How do I about-face off this awful, awful, brainless abstraction by EA?

It's in the options as "ice the kicker" if i'm not mistaken. It alone happens if the adversary uses a TO afore your kick.