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Apr-14-2017 Categories: news

As you all know, the accompaniment app for Madden was appear a few months afterwards the absolution of M17. IMO, the app was actual "vanilla" in allegory to antecedent accompaniment apps for Madden. Actuality are a few improvements that you could accomplish to help the accompaniment accommodate a abundant bigger acquaintance for Madden players.

-Release the app on time!

Most accompaniment apps are appear during the absolution of the game, if not a anniversary above-mentioned to its release. The actuality that the app came out 2+ months afterwards the antecedent absolution in fact gave us a bad experience of Madden 18 Coins.

-Allow us to accomplish chargeless abettor bids on online CFM

What able is an online CFM if it can't accompany with added apparatus of the bold added than advancing. I admonition run a 32 CFM league, and it can be acutely harder for anyone to consistently analysis CFM during chargeless bureau aeon 24/7 to accomplish an attempt to abode a college bid to get a chargeless abettor that will abundantly beforehand their team. If we could acquiesce bids via the app, users would afresh be able to analysis throughout the day to see if they should access the bid, as users will typically acquire their buzz with them at all times, yet no one will be able to sit abaft their animate 24/7 cat-and-mouse to adjudge if they should access their bid (we beforehand at accidental every 8-12 hrs for anniversary chargeless abettor period)

-Allow us to abstract via the accompaniment app

Similar to authoritative chargeless abettor bids, EA should aswell acquiesce us to accomplish abstract selections via our phones. Accepting in a 32 man league, you acquire users from all over the world. This can accomplish it harder for some users to abstract as the timezones vary.

Some users may be at work, while some may be with family, and a few advantageous are at home. The app would be abundant for acceptance users to abstract via their buzz (sneak a annular or 2 while at plan or with ancestors via their phone). It would aswell help users who acquire austere NAT. I acquire noticed abounding users can't accompany the abstract if they acquire austere NAT. This would acquiesce users with bound arrangement (set in abode from net admin) to abstract via their corpuscle buzz annual provider and accompany the draft.

What you are accomplishing right...

I would like to say that the app is accomplishing one affair right, and that is acceptance for admins to abode users on auto, and advancing the league. This is actual advantageous if an admin needs to auto anyone and they are not at home to do so (or when they are too apathetic to about-face on their animate & adjournment to amount that abominable loading awning.

So actuality are a few bureau I acquire the Accompaniment app may be improved, any acknowledgment from /r/Madden(Cheap Madden NFL Coins) would be abundant to attending at as well.