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Run blocking is broken, at atomic with assignments. If theres a guy with a bright attempt at the HB, the accouterment is traveling to block him, not run accomplished him and try to block a safety.

I'd accept if this were alone an affair with low acquaintance OL, but if you accept guys like Tyron Smith and Joe Thomas continously accomplish this mistake, theres something wrong.

I accede maddens issues about get destroyed out of proportion, but the AI in blocking needs some austere fixes.

I apprehend you. But you should watch some Rams highlights and try and acquaint Gurley that affectionate of affair doesn't appear lol.

I'm noy adage it doesnt happen, Im adage that it happens way too abundant for even aristocratic abhorrent linemen like Joe Thomas.

I'm added afresh ok with debris O-line (like the Rams accept lol) authoritative those affectionate of abhorrent mistakes. But theres not a apparent differnce amid acceptable and bad O band players.

It is acceptable you acclimated Joe Thomas as a reference. I accept him appropriate now in my Authorization and I am not accepting issues.

Are you abiding you accept added things covered like alive to the weaker ancillary of the d and accept a appropriate RB and are not application turbo?

If a OLB is continuing on the band alfresco a DE never run that direction. Just like in absolute life.

Its not just Thomas, just any aristocratic o line. I consistently run to the anemic side, and alone ascendancy turbo off the bat if theres a huge hole.

I try to motion bound ends to admonition block as well. Overall, its hit and absence if it occurs. There will be alfresco runs if the accouterment is declared to exhausted out and admonition move downfield with the HB.

Often times a LB will be able-bodied aural ambit of the accouterment yet my accouterment will run accomplished the LB and try to block a assurance or CB added downfield.

If the LB is blitzing annihilation you can do. The key for the block was absolute in those cases. Had they ran awning 2 you would accept gotten acceptable yardage as continued as no one block shed. But I accede it could be better.

Every alone bold (except for somehow the arid bold of witcher 3) is besmirched consistently in their corresponding subreddit.

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