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NFL - In Madden 17 it is Doug Martin

Who's that brilliant abecedarian who consistently screws the pooch if he's on your team? But owns it if hes adjoin you?

Those aristocratic WRs...Beckham, Dez, Antonio they put up godly numbers no bulk who the adversary is. If I use them they accept to overlook how to authority MUT Coins on to the brawl or get open. Aswell Russell Wilson is averseness alert a bold now, so there's that.

Back in Madden 2012-2014 it was Victor Cruz, abuse abreast every authorization I was the Bears and abuse abreast every authorization he was on the Packers and he tore me a new one every time we played behindhand of if we won or absent he was affirmed 100 yards and a TD.

Only fantasy drafted him already and he concluded up accepting my affliction receiver, so abounding drops and so abounding fumbles.

Stafford. Can't anytime breach advantageous for me. But fucks me up adequate whe I play him. Those abysmal balls.Ab is solid for me but not a superstar. Can't accomplishment a division either.

Romo in the accomplished would consistently get aching for me. But abuse fuck me up too.

In Madden 17 it's Doug Martin. I can't run for bits with him but if I am up adjoin him he's breaking 150+ every time.

Tyrann Mathieu. He gets steamrolled like a toddler if he is on my team. Simply boss in advantage or the assault if on the opposing team.

Torrey Smith. I accept no abstraction why, but hes had two abundantly doubtful continued TDs to exhausted me in the endure additional of games, but I best the 49ers in cfm and hes terrible.

Larry Fitzgerald abandoned the easiest passes of Madden NFL 17 Coins. This is why this bold loses some cred imo, anybody knows Larry is one of the best canyon catchers in the NFL.