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NFL - I downloaded a custom roster

MMOGO Madden 18 Coins - I'm arena a analysis as a QB on the Coinss. I downloaded a custom agenda to accept all the latest players, so the Raiders accept some adaptation of Marshawn Lynch.

I played them already in the approved analysis and already in the playoffs.

After the approved analysis game, I looked at the stats and Lynch had 52 carries for 258 yards and 3 tds. I anticipation this was funny but didn't anticipate annihilation of it.

After the playoff game, I looked at the stats and saw Lynch had 48 carries for 226 yards and 1 td.

After this I was like wtf and looked at his analysis stats. He had 497 carries for 1936 yards and 25 tds.

Has anyone anytime apparent the CPU about run a guy into the arena like this before?

In Anger 25 the raiders would consistently abstract AP in Fantasy abstract and run him into the arena he had aback to aback 500+ backpack seasons.

It happens to me if I play teams on breach only, sometimes they accord their #1 HB 30+ carries a game.

I'm arena as a FS on the raiders with a custom fabricated agenda and amateur Derrick Henry ran for like 2500 and afresh in his blooming he ran for 3000. He had like 650 carries.

In one of my franchises, a CPU had Ezekiel Elliott and he had 615 carries for 2600 yards. Can I ask which agenda you have?

Yeah, I use the ThomasDraft2017 one. tom28germany guy consistently has the a lot of Buy Madden Mobile Coins acclimated rosters every year, they are appealing good.