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I run a zone-heavy (not in actuality alone zone, but close) arrangement and my CB bearings isn't complete good. I apperceive his advantage ratings aren't good, but in area I anticipate it would amount beneath and his run abutment would be helpful. My added two options at nickel are Pennington and Chat (like I said, not good) and Madden 18 Coins while they acquire bigger advantage ratings all are about the aforementioned in agreement of athleticism and they action abundant beneath in run support.

Divisional rivals Seahawks and 49ers do a lot of runs out of 3 WR sets as well, so that was the cerebration abaft the move.

I beggarly he would acquire a bad all-embracing but if you user him he should be a complete solid slot. His play rec and acquaintance are traveling to accomplish him like a 67ish ovr probably.

I'd acclaim befitting him at assurance but if you already acquire a acceptable assurance but CBS are blah it wouldn't be the affliction atom for him.

Honestly admitting he's not that abundant of a amateur so in actuality would ambition to acquisition addition nickel/safety next abstract or FA.

His best use as a nickel would be accoutrement in the collapsed in a awning 3 or the angle in a awning 2, you'd ambition to best advance his antithesis of advantage and run capacity adeptness befitting him down aural 7 yards of the band of collapsed To let his good speed, following and accouterment yield over His best use as a assurance would be an in the box amalgam assurance afresh aggravating to get the best use out of his speed, pursuit, and tackle. His man and area advantage are about boilerplate for a LB (if he plays in the box like an LB) he should be able to authority his own adjoin RBs adequately calmly but TEs may prove to be a conflict for him accustomed his 5'10 height.

My affair about him at assurance is that his area and acme aren't acceptable if he's in abysmal coverage. In general, I like my safeties to be capricious in agreement of advantage and run abutment so that I can play assorted area concepts.

I don't anticipate he'd be the best fit if he can't be in the box all the time, and I accede that he'd do best abreast the LOS.

I'm apparently aptitude appear nickel because he'll be abutting to the band and I'd be able to acquire added versatility with my play calls instead of aggravating to accrue him out of abysmal coverage.

Then traveling aback to my 2nd book of award a backup next offseason, if you run a deluge of altered area coverages afresh he will not be acceptable in your system, if you ran a abject awning 3 he'd fit acceptable because the SSs job in a awning 3 is to bead down to the flat, awning annihilation abbreviate and play run support, but if you plan on accepting connected plays that would put the SS in abysmal advantage (like abject awning 4 for example) he will not fit.

What are your a lot of acclimated coverages specifically?

Mostly awning 2 area and awning 3, which is why I like both of my safeties to be able to accouterment and cover. Percentage-wise, I run awning 2 abundant that he'd be a affair at SS.