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NFL - I array the NFL arresting stats by sacks

MMOgo Madden NFL 17 Coins - Just accomplished why my arresting players' stats don't actualization up on the NFL analysis stats. I was affronted today if I noticed that my DE who leads the alliance in sacks through anniversary 11 wasn't bold up (as usual) if I array the NFL arresting stats by sacks.

He's on every added account (NFC, NFC East, etc.) just not NFL leaders. This has been an affair in Anger for years, and I anticipation it was a bug. Turns out it's not a bug, but a account allocation problem.

Each arresting account shows the top @250 players ranked by tackles, and although you accept the adeptness to re-sort the account by category, the players on the account don't change. So if a amateur leads the NFL in sacks, INTs, affected fumbles, etc., but isn't in the top 250 in tackles, he will not be on the list.

Obviously, the acumen they do actualization up on the appointment and analysis specific lists is because there are beneath players to abode on the list, so the beginning for absolute tackles is lower.

So my DE has 11 sacks, and 31 tackles. The endure amateur on the NFL account has 37 tackles, but on the NFC account the endure amateur has 8 tackles, so that's area he shows up.

All of the lists use the absence cavalcade as the cutoff, so this could allegedly arise on the added lists, but it's beneath likely.

For example, you accept a FB or QB arch the NFL in hasty TDs, but they're not in the top 250 players in hasty yards, they will not arise on the hasty list. Accept a WR with 15 TDs on abandoned 25 catches?

Amazing year, but he will not actualization up on the WR baton lath if the endure amateur on the account has 30 receptions.

It's an annoying, but understandable, issue of Mut 17 Coins. Not adage EA can't fix it, but it's low on the account of bare improvements.

Damn I consistently wondered this too. Anticipation it was the bulk of snaps or something. Awesome acute find.