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Mar-28-2017 Categories: news

Got my ballsy rams aggregation into the bounded playoffs. I was arch until I amiss a canyon into dble advantage and got best afresh they got a FG to tie the game. In OT they didn't accomplish it pay if they had the ball. I got to the 1yd band for 4th down and went to kick. Afresh my MUT 18 Coins adversary alleged a timeout.

Now, I'd apprehend about "icing the kicker" but had never had it appear to me. UNTIL NOW! And basically I hit the upright, absent the FG.

But afresh for some acumen I was brought aback into play (I alone do offense), in ascendancy and on 4th and 24 on my own 12 somehow.

And they won. It was all actual strange, but this icing the article is acceptable but should be done a altered way!

It fabricated me admiration though....if I alarm a abeyance afterwards accepting iced, does it reset? what about if i aural to a Article canyon afresh aural aback to the kick? Does that de-ice my kicker?

In situations like this, aback i KNOW im traveling to get iced, I accompany out the blame accumulation on like 2nd down if I'm cool abutting and bang it. Affliction case, they bake a timeout, and I run a acclimatized play. Afresh do it all over afresh on third down.

As for un-icing yourself? I ahead it does that if you alarm a timeout. But Madden acclimated to accept it so that you couldn't do aback to aback timeouts at all.

Side Rant, EA aswell acclimated to accept a annihilate (Once they alien coaches claiming in online H2H) area if a about-face happened Madden 18 Coins that you knew wasn't a about-face (runner was down afore he fumbled) and the adversary alleged a abeyance immediately, the play wasn't reviewable. I alone had one guy do this already though, but I still capital to asphyxiate the bits out of him.