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Hi anybody we are a alliance currently on Anniversary 15 Analysis 2. If you haven't played in a no about-face alliance , the basis of it is that you cannot about-face unto a wr or db already the brawl is in the air.

The acumen is to acquiesce the player's stats themselves to adjudge a play . Of advanced you are chargeless to about-face afore the brawl is befuddled and afterwards a play has been fabricated on the ball.

Now is a abundant time to accompany and get a few amateur in to analysis the rules and see how you like them afore the new season.

Other capital rules are no qb sneaks/ fb dives , playcalls allegation to be assorted on both abandon of the ball. We advanced every 48 hours and use Groupme to set up amateur . DM me for abounding rulebook Bengals Chiefs Eagles Ravens.I anticipate you've got a air-conditioned abstraction with the no switching affair but why no QB bastard FB dive?

Just to animate playcalling assortment instead of it accepting a qb bastard everytime its inches to go. Abandoned 2 plays that are banned.

I should accept clairifed that abandoned FB dives from beneath centermost are banned. You can run the brawl with the fb outta pistol and gun.

What's the fix for this? I accumulate audition about brawl hawk, but I've never apparent a ambience or anything. Or is it just a "feature" in the game?

I anticipate it's consistently on if you play MUT or H2H, but you can about-face it off in your settings in CFM. It tries to position you so that you can get easier interceptions. It can aswell backlash if you're too far abroad because your guy will just dive for Madden 18 Coins the brawl that's like 5 yards away.

Edit: You actuate it by captivation triangle. What I usually do is accumulate my deride on the triangle and ascendancy the boilerplate of the field. You end up accepting interceptions like the one in the annual if the receiver isn't too far abaft you.