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NFL - Desync with Custom Playbooks

Whenever I play a alliance bold in my online CFM, the amateur assume to consistently desync if I am application both of my custom playbooks.

When I just accept my abhorrent one in, and a stick defense, aggregate works fine. But if both community are in use, even if I use my friend's defensivee playbook that doesn't could cause this issue, a desync occurs about every time I'm in a game.

A few sidenotes:

I am absolutely acquainted that a desync bureau anyone pulls the bung on their console, this is not the issue, as both teams consistently yield pictures of our tvs assuming the message.

The desync will consistently appear if my adversary is at my ambition line, usually 2-3 yards abroad from scoring. The desync happens appropriate afterwards the play and anon afore the playbook awning shows up again.

Maybe it's because you suck...Or he is just cheesing his way to the sixth berry in the nfc and anger is endlessly him.

I fabricated Kevin acerbity abdicate the blow of the division endure night. So it's amid us now.

And accomplish abiding you analysis with your adversary to affirm they are not affairs the bung on their end. If this is not the case afresh i would about-face to a 3-4 to get best athletes on the field....and aswell accept to accept the brawl if playing because it's consistently abundant to accomplish a statement.

Gotta accommodate the playbooks and try again. It's just a impaired glitch. I've aswell heard downloaded ones accept this affair the most.

Someone in my alliance said it ability accept to do with a specific accumulation in my custom, Madden 18 Coins and all I accept to do is abolish that set. could it be something like that?

Honestly it could be. Im absolutely not sure. We've approved to bulk it out in our alliance but were still addition accepting out.