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Oct-05-2017 Categories: news

This a lot of contempo Madden has been a absolute poor representation of the NFL and some of these glitches and mistakes accomplish a apology of the NFL.

Could the NFL cull the absolute authorization if they feel like Madden ailing represents the NFL?

EA and the NFL accept a abundant relationship. Will not appear anytime soon. I don't accept though, if its all about the money (it is), why not accord accession aggregation a shot, one that can possibly accomplish added money from EA.

There's no way in hell that Madden's sales are accomplishing as able-bodied as they could.

The endure year that there were aggressive games, EA had Madden priced at abounding retail and 2k put out a bold at $20 to try to get Madden players to switch. EA was afresh affected to bead their amount to $25 to try to compete.

The NFL accomplished that this fabricated their cast attending bargain aback all added sports amateur were still abounding retail amount so the NFL put an absolute accord up for auction.

With exclusivity EA and the NFL accept fabricated added money afresh either anytime did afore the deal.

You briefly saw the aforementioned affair this year with EA appraisement Live at $40 for preorders to try to carry off some of the 2k basketball fans.

While antagonism is acceptable for the consumer, it is about bad for clandestine businesses.

Yeah if there was antagonism in the bazaar there would be acceptable amateur appear and humans would get into football afterwards accepting fun with the game.

Now my accompany see me play and see glitches every bold and abolish Madden and football in general.

I in actuality anticipate a acceptable football video bold is key in breeding absorption in the NFL abnormally with beginning markets like UK and Mexico. I anticipate it's acutely abbreviate sighted of the NFL to let this happen.

They dont care,as continued as they get their money. Attending at the calm abandon botheration they were accepting a few years ago it was handled ailing but the NFL still has such a able veiwership.

These glitches are so far beneath the alarm for them because that ads for the next few amateur are accepting fabricated every day to advertising up even the silliest of bender up Cheap Madden NFL 18 Coins. We should abashment EA for this babble not the NFL.