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NFL - Are you a buck admirers or eagles

4.24 40 yd dash, fastest I accept seen. What is the fastest 40 time you accept seen? Btw, had 97 speed, 91 acc, 89 carry, 82 bcv, 56 truck, 67 stiff, 82 spin, 84 juke.

IIRC that's the everyman 40 time I accept apparent as well of Madden NFL 17 Coins. I saw it on a backward annular RB whom I took a flyer on to be a returner...has formed out complete well.

Was 24 if he was drafted but in his amateur year he had 4 accumulated acknowledgment TDs(simmed games), and his additional year he had 7.

Fastest I've apparent in my drafts was a 4.22 on a cornerback. IIRC, concluded up 97 or 98 speed.

That would be affronted for the fastest 40 at the amalgamate and it alone gives him a 98 tops? That's just crazy. I'm absolutely apprehensive what they're traveling to accord John Ross for next year.

Can we get his carbon page? he doenst attending like a slouch in the strenght administration either for accepting a speedback. 19 reps is like 70-75 strength.

His Activity is a bit absent imo, but yeah, definately a solid acceleration back!

I had a 4.26 guy he alternate 1 alpha alternate for a TD and 2 punts alternate for TDs in the air-conditioned basin and somehow my QB with like 120 yards and 2 ints got mvp. I was ambrosial salty.

He accepted to be a shitty alive aback for my arrangement so I traded him and the computer affronted him into a approved division superstar.

Found 2 udfa with 96 and 97 acceleration and they were bits on returns.

Are you a buck admirers or eagles? Or bengals (logo abaft CFM avatar).

I in fact do a cfm for every aggregation and Madden Mobile Coins just happened to be on the bengals, I aswell aggregate football pennants if I go to a city-limits of a team.