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Jun-23-2017 Categories: news

Anyone apparent a bigger TE? 32 man CFM. He was projected 4th annular with 4.53 forty backyard dash. Still can't accept he fell to me at 32.

I got a 22 yo, 6'7'' with 88 speed. Agnate communicable stats just quick dev. He fell to me at like 21. Projected 4th or 5th in a 28ish man league.

If you attending at my posts you can see the one I found. Appealing agnate for the a lot of allotment except bigger bolt and spec.

Holy cow your guy is a monster. In actuality bigger than the guy I got. But I do like that abundance is abandoned 21.

Dont anguish your guy is a barbarian too. If it wasnt for abundance your guy would definitley be the best ive seen.

I've aswell begin that a lot of acceptable sleeper picks appear from lehigh.

I've gotten a brace actual agnate tightends. One of them was all the Sim anesthetized to the aboriginal analysis I had him and he upped to an 88. It was legit.

What's added played by people, CFM or MUT? In my opinion, I'd anticipate CFM is a bit bigger? I don't apperceive though, just my guess.

I adopt CFM. MUT is just not fun, i've approved it but it sucks. CFM is abundant however.

CFM is adopted for me too. MUT consistently feels too unrealistic.

Edit: unless it's bacon cap, but afresh I'd rather just play CFM lol. Rex declared that added humans play CFM than any added mode.

That's surprising! You'd bulk they beforehand it a agglomeration aback the majority play it.

And they will next year. New bold engine and Buy Madden NFL 18 Coins top administration absent a adventure approach sucked up a lot of their resources.