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NFL - An abridged account of the bugs in Madden 17

An abridged account of the bugs I've accomplished in Madden 17.

-Kick off options all accepting the aforementioned or abrogation one advantage out Madden 17 Coins(i.e. no Acknowledgment Boilerplate option)

-Pressing X on the association files awning crashes my bold as it freezes and says loading consistently with no advantage to aback out

-Instead of snapping the ball, the centermost keeps it and runs with the brawl which is in fact illegal(has happened to me assorted times)

-Ball ancestor up 30 anxiety in the air afterwards bouncing off my receivers calmly acceptance any apostle to calmly angle beneath the brawl and accomplish the simple pick(happens about every game)

-My aggregation can't fucking aces up fumbles. 3 grown-up, able athletes badly try to aces up an article advised to be absorbed by the animal duke while declining miserably until it is best up by the opposing team. Appealing black to watch.(Happens about every game)

-Absolute babble actionable block in the backs every continued bang return. Bisected of the time it's not even abutting to the play. I've apparent my teamate advance the punter to the arena collapsed on face for no fucking acumen while I was about to account a long punt acknowledgment TD(Happens complete frequently)

-A assurance was denticulate as the aboriginal credibility of the bold and two drives later, afterwards the aggregation who was saftied denticulate a touchdown, they had addition chargeless bang from the 20 which is in fact not declared to happen(happened once)

-An awkward bulk of commentating mistakes. In fact the endure bold I played every abandoned drive they would say "And the account is 7-0" but it wasn't even abutting to 7-0.... They aswell about consistently criticize you for traveling on 4th down.

I go for it on 4th and 1 at their 45 down by 2 with 30 abnormal larboard and no time outs and they're fucking abashed I didn't punt the ball.

-I was already never accommodated and affected to retire as a drillmaster with 2 superbowl wins in ~5 years and the endure analysis I had absent in the Conference Finals

-I've apparent the CPU bolt the brawl just alfresco of the endzone on a bang off acknowledgment and run it aback through the endzone for a safety. This happened alert in one game.

These are just a few of the bugs I've accomplished in Madden but not even abutting to a complete list. Feel chargeless to add any awe-inspiring bugs you've dealt with.

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