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NFL - 87 is brilliant cachet in Madden

In my experience, some players improver their all-embracing carbon if you move them around. I had a assurance Jordan Hicks from the Eagles who was a barbarian at Outside Linebacker. I would just about-face his position about to acquisition his best fit. There isn't a absolute on how abounding times you can change their position so it's benign to Buy Madden 18 Coins just try him at altered spots.

He's an 81 at ROLB but 77 acceleration isn't abhorrent for that position as adjoin to SS. I aswell adulation the abstraction of a top area appraisement + agressive advantage for a LB.

I try to be astute in my agenda moves. I just don't apperceive if it is realistic.

The avant-garde bold is abounding with SS/OLB hybrids, so your move is actually realistic. That accepting said, if you play your games, 77 acceleration is on the apathetic end, abnormally if he's in your nickel package. If you're a simulator, afresh leave him at SS. 87 is brilliant status.

As I accept it, its usually the opposite. As in, the arrangement is demography advantage of the players top acceleration and versatility, area im aggravating to advantage his added skills.

I anticipate nickel LB allows him to beforehand his RL role freelancing.

I actually adore these discussions and accede the responses.

In absolute life, yes; but as this is Madden, what you're cerebration doesn't play out that way. On TV you adeptness see little bumps and concealment and advice but in this video game, the players are programmed to do their own affair absolute of the situation. As they're basically larboard to their own devices, acceleration plays a big factor. That's why it's so coveted in Madden.

By "simulator," I beggarly carefully advancing the week, not the "sim style" of playing. Simulating abundantly uses OVR ratings, so even if your CB has 3 SPD, he'll do accomplished if his OVR is high.

Conversely, OVR has absolute little aftereffect to gameplay, and abandoned aspect ratings accept added impact. So that CB with 3 SPD will spell your annihilation even if he has 99 OVR.

Thanks everyone!