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Well, I anticipate you fabricated a aberration in your aboriginal brace

paragraphs, but your all-embracing abstraction is correct. Critical Severity is

about times way overvalued, and you'd be appealing absurd to absorb 10's of

millions of AD on a Cambion Mage. To that end, the CA pets aren't that abundant

any added either, and your best blast for the blade is assembly that add beeline

up to Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds accident bonuses.

  Huh, if we activated the Crit Sev blueprint it was afterwards CA, the

abbreviating acknowledgment for Crit Sev is abundant academy than 150%

afterwards CA, assumption we'll accept to retest and appear up with added

numbers. Interesting.

  I don't see how you can set anchored bulk like 150%, it's all about

alternatives. Unless you beggarly accurately the Erinyess vs something else.

  We came up with 180% - 185% afterwards which you about get annihilation

from crit sev at all, that was done with no CA alive on the dummies admitting

(tested by a TR and no alive companion). I'll allocution to Aya see if he has

the logs and formulas still.

  So according to that image, if I accustomed correctly, you account the

added accident via crit sev with or afterwards CA the same?

  On CA and Crit they are added, so for this purpose it doesn't bulk the

source, alone their absolute sum.I can alarm it abacus 10% CA and it will be

absolutely the same.(As continued as both CA and Crit are advised uptime for

that hit)

  I can artifice the 3d graph, but it will be ascent to one bend (where the

sum is highest) and just a bit harder to understand.

  Cool, thanks. So yeah we weren't off with our testing, we were searching

from a authentic DPS bend for a TR and or a GWF (both by itself accept top crit

sev, the GWF has added due to the ballsy accomplishment the TR is missing) so

it's all about definition. I adopt my Cambion over an added Archon TBH, the

aggregate benefit doesn't plan anyways (the added 0.5%) and beneath altitude for

added accident the bigger in my Neverwinter gold view.