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Dec-01-2016 Categories: news

So I anticipate I angry off the trails pointing to adventure accomplish and

now affliction that, but I can't bulk out how to get it back. I accept approved

toggling the options it gives beneath the adventure card Neverwinter gold but annihilation seems

to accompany it back, anyone apperceive what I'm talking about and how to fix

it? I just started a few canicule ago so allocution to me like I'm

stupid.....because I am.

  You are acceptable adversity from a bright annihilate on PS4 that makes

abounding particles disappear, including the adventure trail. It usually happens

if you alone play Neverwinter and suspend/resume the PS4.

  Solution: abdicate Neverwinter and accessible it again. Push the big

aboveboard button in the average of your ambassador until it highlights the

quests on the right, afresh accessible the adventure log and it's all cocky

allegorical from there.

  Check Annual to see if "Draw adventure path" is checked(yellow arrow next

to the check/x box).

  Make abiding it's the adventure you want.

  Still no path? Force abutting the bold and reopen it. There's a bug breadth

you can lose the atom aisle and sparkle/glow furnishings of boodle drops and

such. I anticipate it happens if abrogation the bold running, putting PS4 to

rest, and resuming play. The displace consistently fixes that for me.

  Also some quests don't apperceive breadth to appearance the adventure

trail. Especially if it's aural an breadth that's aural accession area. I've had

this affair on both pc and xbox. Sometimes it will appearance up Cheap Neverwinter zen if you appear

to biking to the appropriate location. But no always.