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Neverwinter - I ran FBI 5 time today

news Jan-14-2017

Neverwinter - I ran FBI 5 time today

Does anyone abroad get astringent lag in the evening?I'd say it started about 3 hours ago and it's the aforementioned a lot of nights and affects my absolute brotherhood behindhand of area we are in the game.

I ran FBI 5 time today,Neverwinter Astral Diamonds aboriginal 2 were appealing abundant absolute in acceptable time the 3rd lagged absolutely a bit and took 40mins.

Changed accumulation and ran alert more, 1st run was about 40 mins afresh with astringent lag for able accumulation and the final run took over an hour.

One big affair is the dragon turtle slams already but we all get bounced 3-4 times and yield accident anniversary time.

Thankfully got my endure antique bead tonight so never had to do fbi already the key changes bead on xbox but it's still alarming that it lags behindhand of instance or area for so abounding of us both in the uk and us.

I didn't lag if I logged in to do my professions of buy Neverwinter zen, but comatose twice. Bold hasn't done that for absolutely a while. I aswell get redirection absurdity or something if I afflicted toon.