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Dec-04-2016 Categories: news

DragonHoard Broken?So I accept a Lion Mount with Wanderes Fourtune and all

my Utility slots with a bottom DragonHoard...I was accepting stones like crazy

with it. I again upgraded the Dragonhoard and now I get squat.. Maybe a fair or

peridot actuality and there Neverwinter zen...I anticipate there is something actively amiss or

torn with it.

  Wanderers affluence has a circadian absolute I believe, so you may accept

accomplished that traveling empty. I've consistently accustomed abounding stones

from bottom dragonhoards but never in fact upgraded them.

  I just arrested on the Wiki and it seems like the lessers accept no

air-conditioned down but the upgraded ones accept a 30 additional

air-conditioned down and 240 additional cooldown in foundries.. lmao.. So

basically it's bigger to not advancement them.. I assumption it's time to

advertise the upgraded ones and put aback the lesser.. lmao.. Wiki is not up to

date. All DH accept air-conditioned downs.

  Higher rank dh admission college rank stones. I see bags of opals with r10

dh in all slots. I aswell get drops for a lot of of my play time(3-4hrs a day) I

do not accept wanderers affluence so it may be something with that.

  Has annihilation been confirmed? was alpha to rank abundance up - their

about 8. ive been accepting endless of Aqua's and Peri's. few opals..

  So I messed about with my build... pulled off 2 bottom DH enchants,

replaced them with r9 darkness, replaced those with r9 azure.. so my mix again

was 1 greater DH and 1 r9 QM enchant.. and noticed 0 aberration in agreement of

drops ZERO in agreement of frequency, but aggregate in agreement of


  I ran aback to aback mdemo' and again abandoned bottom resonance stones,

several aqua marine, 1 opal, a dozen or so peridot. Oh i aswell accept a lords

armored polarbear with wanderers fortune... Cheap Neverwinter zen but absolutely I feel stacking bottom

DH didnt do anything.