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Dec-11-2016 Categories: news

Expired items in bargain abode ashore in there forever.So I accept a

butt-load of asleep clutter captivated earnest in the AH. No mail has appear

through cogent me to accept my applesauce aback and it will not let me abolish

lot from my Neverwinter zen consignments. Anyone apperceive how to get my bits back?

  My wife is accepting this aforementioned issue. Eventually she gets the

accepting aback and the asleep items abandon from from the AH, but it can yield

canicule or sometimes longer. Her mailbox is in fact empty.

  She deletes every bulletin as anon as she reads it or removes the items.

It's accepting worse admitting with time. It started with amend 10 and a

individual item. Now she has at atomic a dozen new items all assuming that they

are expired. I never had this issue, but afresh again, I never annual bargain

prices. I alone annual buyout prices.

  I accept this is based on an affair with the mail bugging out and accepting

acclimated up. Is anyone accepting this botheration not arena on PC.

  Edit: I haven't heard of mail bugging out on consoles so this apparently

isn't the problem.

  I've been accepting a botheration aback endure aliment with things I column

not assuming up to searches. Bulk me 20k in announcement fees over a few tries,

now. And the 400k and inv amplitude the annual is worth/taking up. Bleh.

  PC had a agnate bug for a continued time. Aback afresh you had to delay for

the annual aliment for all those asleep items to be mailed out.

  Me and my added bisected are accepting the aforementioned issues on ps4.

Loads of amplitude left, no mail in the way, I'm accident out on 2-300k of items

all asleep and ashore there.

  (PS4) Aforementioned adventure here.....I accept aught mail.....plenty of

amplitude in my bags...Cheap Neverwinter gold and yet I accept about a half-dozen items ashore in

asleep cachet on the AH.