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Dec-29-2016 Categories: news

MMOgo Neverwinter Admonition on this 2 x RP...Alright, i had started a new

DC few canicule ago or whatever it was so, im searching on how to yield

advantage of this 2 x RP event. Already he hits 70 all hell acquire would be the

Dusk Set. Artifacts are the accepted and annihilation top teir - currently

searching to use Lantern, Controller, DC, maybe Hunter until i purchase/farm

others. Main/Offhand's are the bugged set.

  Lantern level: 62 DC: 42 Controller: 49 ( still open)

  Im sittin on 658k AD, about 316 Tradebars. I dont acquire the decked out

mounts (just a Howler) and accidental others for badge (nothing acceptable on

them). Will be sitting with all r7 enchantments in slots. Dragon Hoards are 2

R8's and a R9.

  So, do i..

  save for a Wanderer's Fortune Arise - 750k in WB. Zen mounts traveling to

be awhile afore i can get addition altho may get one next week, will acquire to


  Purchase (or) Grind for Elemental Flaming Set - 530-600k in AH appropriate


  Purchase whatever i can appear Tiamat Set. Arti: 490-500k Belt:12k Neck:


  Purchase added Artifacts to use besides Sigil's.

  i beilieve this would be accessible options - accessible to all suggestions

on a avenue to get best after-effects during the event.

  As far as refinements stones i acquire these:

  Thaums - Minor: 82, Lesser: 62, Thaum: 18, Greater: 1 Arti EQ: Minor: 79,

Lesser: 48, Reso: 18 Aqua: 29 Opal: 2 Flawless Saph: 4 Peridot: 15 Enchantments:

111 Radiant (R5), 10 Radiant (R6), 42 Azure (R5)

  This is what i acquire lying about to be dumped into gear. I wasn't in

actuality able for this accident in actuality as i was messing with added

characters, aggravating them out etc so im not air-conditioned decked with

anything. Thoughts or admonition on what avenue i should yield for best

after-effects with what i acquire to offer.

  Thanks for viewing. Acceptable luck to anybody on their 2 x RP ride.

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