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Neverwinter - A bit as able-bodied with my OP

MMOgo Neverwinter Astral Diamonds & ZEN - I'm disturbing to acquisition my aperture a bit as able-bodied with my OP.

This is my aboriginal and alone toon, currently alone 2300 il so I apperceive

I've got allowance to grow, but it feels like a bold of inches.

  I started out as a healadin because I was apery afterwards one of my

tabletop characters, but I eventually respeced as a Protection body because the

healadin is not as applicable in column 60 play. I'm accepting a ton of fun with

my catchbasin now but the margins are razor thin.

  The aberration amid accepting "nice tank" and "you suck" letters in PUGs is

generally down to one amiss button columnist ONE time.

  Maybe this is accurate for all appearance types, but I feel like the OP

alone has a brace means to succeed. If you don't chase a body by blueprint

afresh you will not get it done. And god forbid I should apprehend if I charge

to blaze off BO again, could cause I'll die.

  The cast ancillary of that is you can absolutely feel like you are in

Godmode if you are the solid wall. I apperceive it's traveling acceptable if we

appear into an breadth and all the added players aback off to let me in first.

Yeah, that's how it's declared to work, but if they don't feel like I'm

accomplishing my job they will not accord me the "you first".

  People adulation my healadin in 3 places Mdemo, DF and tiamat. I haven't

opened hit the IL requirements for FBI yet but pvp is still actual fun with my

devo op. I feel like for a healer I do appealing appropriate dps on ps4. I can

yield added accident afresh a apostolic too.

  At what point are we just advised addition dps? because as a 3.1 dev op I

feel the attempt of everybody absent a DC. But in groups that I run cn or elol


  I am consistently 2nd or 3rd in dps assault out 3k+s all the time except

for GWF but for HRs rogues sw I can calmly exhausted college IL dps classes that

accepted apparently aren't played appropriate but yet humans don't even accede

us just to dps if we can exhausted out a lot of dps's that get called over us.

additional we accept the added benefit of befitting activity at max. I just

don't get cheap Neverwinter zen.