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Apr-23-2017 Categories: news

Yesterday's Recap:

Wow - for the Bucks/Raptors game, DeMarr Derozan led all players with 5 assists! Lowry had four, while Middleton had 3 - bend went to Lowry!

Didn't I acquaint you that the Hawks-Wizards bold will be high-scoring? Well, the teams accumulated for 214 points, before the 210.5 absolute (the endure scattering of credibility came during debris time)

Well, the Spurs-Grizzlies bold was a Classic! If you haven't apparent it, watch the nine-minute highlights on Youtube - calmly the best playoff bold this year! As for the Aces 'em, if you watched, afresh you apperceive the aftereffect - Kawhi denticulate a personal playoff-best 43 points, alone accustomed his aggregation into OT.

The endure Aces 'em was a wash, as neither Durant nor Leonard played any minutes... welp!

Yesterday's result: 3-1

As for today's games:

Who will win? Pacers or Cavs?

Seems like an simple choice, as the LeBrons are up 3-0 and traveling for the 1st annular ambit at Indianapolis. The LeBrons are 3.5 point favorites, so, the bold could amplitude either way; but I'm acrimonious the Cavs to go for the ambit in the aboriginal of four Aces 'ems.

Who passes the brawl more? The Beard or Broadie?

During the approved season, the two MVP front-runners averaged 11.2 (Harden) and 10.4 (Westbrook) assists per game; in the playoffs, Harden has had 9, 8 and 6, while Westbrook assisted 11, 13 and 7 in three head-to-head amateur so far.

Edge, Westbrook, abnormally at home in Oklahoma City again.

Who will shoot added 3's: Jimmy Butler or Avery Bradley?

Jimmy Buckets had a abhorrent Bold 3; here's to him bouncing-back in Chicago! For the season, Butler has fabricated 1.2 threes a game, but in these accomplished three games, fabricated 3, 1 and 0; Bradley averages about bifold the makes during the approved season (2.0), and has fabricated 4, 2 and 4 threes adjoin the Celtics. Edge, Avery Bradley.

Over/Under 195.5 Absolute Credibility in Jazz/Clippers Bold 4

During the approved season, the two Western Conference foes scored, collectively, 163, 160, 222 and 203 (averaging 187 absolute points); as for the playoffs, they've denticulate 192, 190 and 217 (199.67). This is too abutting to call, but, if I were you, I would use one of my Aureate Aces 'ems here. I'll be acrimonious about actuality and demography the beneath for the Sunday night backward game.

Dam im on blaze with these picks. accept gone 4/4 today for a 14/14 band (15/15 counting a bifold i got with a gold). clippers/jazz and bradley/Butler were close, i concluded up acrimonious accurately and didnt decay any golds today. Hopefully i can accumulate this up.

Wouldnt use gold with the endure one aback u deceit get bifold wins in that. I would go for either mvp chase or threes for gold. Leaning appear 3s aback u wont see either of them scoring that abounding which could accomplish it a tie.

Assists could go either way but a lot of acceptable it wont be angry in this case. I best westbrook too and bradley, ability go NBA Live Coins for Butler.