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NBA Live - What is traveling on with NBA Live Mobile

I am accepting added balked with the bold as well. I accede w all of the above. I don't even try for the awards anyone just attempt the aboriginal Live accident and move on NBA Live Mobile Coins. Partially bc the awards are hardly a accolade anymore.

I acquire a 95 rated authorization my affliction amateur is pippen 92 ovr some lineups are 94-96 ovr players alone and the bigger my aggregation gets the worse my offense, esp in lvl play.

I acquire abode now scoring beneath than 5 PTs consistently missing dunks layups and 3s area as a brace months ago I consistently won by 8-12 PTs, and the computer with acquire gold or low aristocratic players accomplishing aerial dunks from chargeless bandy band fade abroad bifold teamed 3s.

Flying blocked shots and my badged players are missing automated 3s. What is traveling on with your game.

I am accepting abutting to auctioning off my teams deleting app accepting done w ea adaptable games.

Its takes like always for me to accomplish stephen back-scratch accolade winners sets and appellation holders sets. So annoying,sometimes I abhorrence arena those Live events.Are you guys EA amateur will not let us adore the bold more?

1 - EA should actual the gameplay according to absolute life, it would be abundant bigger to play;

2 - They should advance the arenas, let us see the stats of anniversary bold and let us accept the account of play in division games;

3 - And a lot of of all they should accomplish the % in the sets easier, because appropriate now, the added collectables you acquire in sets like Supremacy, the harder it gets to win and it should be the aforementioned % all forth (I played some 16 times Supremacy and Accolade Winners anniversary alone to get one collectable and with annihilation to do with the duplicates).